Types of Volunteering

Types of Volunteering National Data On Types of Volunteering Needed By Community Service Agencies What types of volunteering needs are most critical for your organization? Data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau reveals the top four types of volunteering positions that were filled in 2011: 1. Fundraising 2. Collecting, distributing, cooking or serving food 3. [...]

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Success Story – United Way of the Greater Triangle

On the Advanced Events Module: "I have been working with United Way of the Greater Triangle (in Morrisville, NC) since November of 2012.  When I started, we were right in the middle of planning our Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, a service event that usually brings 2200 volunteers to 30 projects across the [...]

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Why is Volunteering Important?

Why is Volunteering Important? At Galaxy Digital, our Get Connected software and Customer Success Team help organizations all across the country to connect volunteers with volunteer opportunities every day. Even so, we were surprised to discover some recent studies that shed new light on a very simple but important question—Why is volunteering important?   Why [...]

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The Link Between Volunteers and Donors

What is the link between Volunteers and Donors? What is the link between donors and volunteers for your nonprofit organization?  In one word, profound.  There have been many studies in recent years sighting the fundamental connection between individuals that contribute their time through volunteerism and those who contribute financially.  This trend is not the exception, [...]

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