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Doing Well By Doing Good: Best Practices for Cause Marketing

Cause-related marketing, or cause marketing is a mutually beneficial marketing relationship between a nonprofit and a business or corporation. In modern times, more and more companies are now “doing well by doing good.” One of the early examples of cause marketing happened in 1983. At the time, American Express partnered with a nonprofit group called [...]

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How Habitat for Humanity Builds Volunteer Relationships

For many years, nonprofit organizations were bolstered by the hard work of loyal, recurring volunteers. People would dedicate significant amounts of time to an organization, week in and week out, typically for a single cause. But experts have expressed that the long-term volunteer is disappearing at an alarming rate. Now the “episodic volunteer” has catapulted [...]

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Strengthening Communities: The “What” and “How” of Service Learning

Service learning has surged in popularity at high school and college campuses across the country. Sharon Shields of Vanderbilt University has boldly stated that service learning is “one of the most significant teaching methodologies [that is] gaining momentum on many campuses.” Before implementing your own program, instructors need to know two important things: what is [...]

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The Benefits of Corporate Partnerships

In recent years, reports have increasingly linked business success with corporate responsibility. This has led corporations to team up with the nonprofit sector more than ever before. The corporate community has proved itself a powerful ally to nonprofits. Indeed, partnering with the right corporation can help your nonprofit access new donors, funding, and resources while [...]

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Corporate Partnerships: a Summary

Corporations are teaming up with the nonprofit sector more than ever before. The corporate community has proved itself a powerful ally to nonprofits. In fact, a recent Conference Board survey concluded that, for roughly two out of three  large North American corporations, using philanthropy to advance their business goals is a top priority. (These business [...]

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