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How to Thank Your Holiday Campaign Donors

Saying “thank you” is a simple but powerful act. It only takes a moment, yet it’s one of your most important tools for building and maintaining relationships with your nonprofit’s supporters. After the whirlwind of seasonal volunteerism, events, and holiday campaigns, the last thing on your mind may be thanking the people who made it [...]

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The Importance of Being Prepared Before a Disaster Strikes

Disasters strike in every corner of the world, during every season, and on different scales throughout the year. Nonprofit organizations serve as key players during these disasters, providing aid and resources to those affected. Indeed, hospitals, food banks, human and animal shelters, and other nonprofits are integrated into most response and recovery efforts during emergencies. [...]

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Episodic Giving and the Rise of the ‘Rage Donation’

In an era when charitable giving is as easy as a few clicks and a submit button, it’s hardly a surprise that nonprofits see their online donations grow year after year. Recurring donations are often automated, which makes it even easier for citizens to continually donate to their favorite causes. Interestingly, however, it seems that [...]

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Do You Know Enough About Generation Z?

It’d be difficult to work in the philanthropic sphere without hearing about the Millennial generation.They make up over a quarter of the population and have been entering the workforce in droves. They’re known to value socially responsible business practices and subscribe to the belief of “doing well by doing good.” While you may know a [...]

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Corporate Social Responsibility in the Face of Disaster

In recent years, reports have increasingly linked business success with corporate social responsibility. Corporations are teaming up with the nonprofit sector more than ever before, and they are proving to be a powerful ally to nonprofits. In fact, a recent Conference Board survey concluded that, for roughly two out of three large North American corporations, [...]

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