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Annelise is an avid traveler, photographer, and writer. When she’s not at Galaxy Digital, you can find her studying Japanese, sitting on the porch, or hanging out with her cat, Gatsby.

Corporate Social Responsibility in the Face of Disaster

In recent years, reports have increasingly linked business success with corporate social responsibility. Corporations are teaming up with the nonprofit sector more than ever before, and they are proving to be a powerful ally to nonprofits. In fact, a recent Conference Board survey concluded that, for roughly two out of three large North American corporations, [...]

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Using Galaxy Digital’s Connect Sites for Disaster Response

On August 25, 2017, Hurricane Harvey touched ground in a rural area of southeast Texas. Over the next four days, parts of Texas received over 40 inches of rain, causing unprecedented flooding and displacing over 30,000 people. Volunteer assistance was needed--and fast. Many volunteer efforts seemed to spring up overnight, with churches, corporations, other organizations, [...]

Incorporating Photovoice Methodolgies Into a Service-Learning Course

Over the past two decades, a new methodology known as photovoice has emerged on the anthropological, documentary, and public-health scenes. More recently, it has been used within the field of service-learning. When a service-learning curriculum is coupled with the photovoice methodology, students can be better engaged with the course material and their volunteer experiences. Using [...]

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Go Viral With These 5 Content Tips

It seems like a no-brainer: for people to share your nonprofit’s content, you need to create materials they’ll love. When people share your content in their online communities, your reach increases exponentially. Your post could even go viral! But it’s not always that simple. With the 2 million blog posts, and hundreds of millions of [...]

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Galaxy Digital Announces Partership with OneEach Technologies

We’re thrilled for our clients to know about a project that has been in the works for over a year now: Galaxy Digital has entered a strategic partnership with OneEach Technologies! We think this partnership will enable our clients to better share their message, drive engagement, and track and manage important relationships in their communities. [...]

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