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Customer Service Survey Results

Andy GmitterIn the Training and Customer Success survey that you recently received, we sought your feedback so that we could learn how to best improve Get Connected with the goal of making everyone who uses the platform even more successful. Here are some of the highlights as well as how we plan to use what we heard:

WHAT WE HEARD: Groups and forums need to be better and they need to be easy to manage and use.
WHAT WE’LL DO: Better/more focused training sessions will be designed in the near term. In the long run, we will work to find some key ways that we can enhance usability.

WHAT WE HEARD: You would like more training on how to use the survey creator that Get Connected offers.
WHAT WE’LL DO: In response to your feedback, we’ve created a training video for the use of surveys. You can see it below.

WHAT WE HEARD: The importance of Get Connected’s built-in Email Blaster was emphasized.
WHAT WE’LL DO: We plan on making the Blaster easier to access and we’re working on a few ways to enhance the functionality.

WHAT WE HEARD: Some administrators commented that the reports section could be even better.
WHAT WE’LL DO: Having worked at a grant-making body myself, I know that reports are key to evaluating the health of a system and determining how agencies are doing. For that reason, our current reports have been built based on the input of our clients. We are planning a concerted way of gathering detailed feedback on reports, and we want to let all of our clients know that they can always suggest a canned report for us to create.

Last but not least, we heard some great compliments from you about the cost effectiveness of Get Connected, that our trainings are well tuned for people with and without computer skills, and that Get Connected is simple to use overall. We truly appreciate all of this good feedback and we are dedicated to earning high marks in these same areas in the future!


Andy Gmitter
Director of Training and Customer Success
Galaxy Digital