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Four Ways to Eliminate Friction at Your Landing Page

smashOne of the things that Galaxy’s software helps you do is DRIVE TRAFFIC to your website or landing page. But once the traffic is there, how do you get them to stay and engage?? Here is a great article that we think offers some basic suggestions on how to make a more “sticky” landing page:

“Go to this website, click that link, call this number, fill out that form,” writes Lary Stucker at FreshClicks.

“Anytime you ask people to do something, you are creating a point of friction,” he warns. “Your audience will not continue unless the reward is greater than the friction they are experiencing.”

If you want to improve the performance of your landing pages, Stucker argues, you must remove as many points of friction as possible.

Case in point: When Stucker examined an online fill-in form for free trial software offered at his own company’s website, he found:

The instructions were too complex. Visitors who clicked through their email offers to download thesoftware had to wade through instructions for a four-step process.

Information was presented in the wrong order. Before discussing the offer that brought visitors tothe site, the landing page asked for an email address. “The actual links to the free trial downloads

Author: Doss Church