Coming to a city near you: Galaxy Digital Launches Corporate Connect

Did you know there is an untapped well of potential volunteers in your community?

Corporate Connect

The source of this untapped pool of active volunteers are the very corporations you are already calling on.

Companies are finding that enabling their employees to get engaged in their local community is having a markedly positive impact on the employees’ well-being and even the company’s bottom line.

Galaxy has introduced Corporate Connect to allow your Get Connected software to directly communicate with both the company and its employees who are looking to get engaged in local volunteerism. Corporate Connect allows companies to achieve new heights in the area of employee community involvement while helping you achieve impactful, year-round engagement that strengthens your annual campaign.

A Corporate Social Responsibility solution for companies of all sizes

Although Corporate Social Responsibility programs (or “CSR” programs for short) are gaining traction in the mainstream business world, they still face a set of unique challenges. With high rates of employee turnover, the competition for top talent is as fierce as ever and supervisors are asked to do even more with fewer resources. That’s where Corporate Connect comes in: to make implementing a company-wide employee volunteer management solution as easy and as painless as possible.

Here are some of its key features:

Internally, it allows for staff to find meaningful ways of giving back based on their passions and interests. Because engaged employees are more productive and far less likely to leave the company, an organization using Corporate Connect will see greater output from individual employees and be less likely to spend valuable resources in re-training and replacing them. Externally, the community will know that the company is visibly dedicated to aiding local causes that are in line with its mission and vision thanks to its integrated reporting and media sharing tools. Given that top talent today are more willing than ever to work for a socially responsible company -even if it means taking a pay cut, according to a 2015 Cone Communications Millennial CSR Study – and consumers are more likely to purchase products and services from companies seen as socially responsible, offering Corporate Connect to organizations across the U.S. will be a win-win situation for everyone involved!

Because no community need should ever go unanswered

Let’s not forget that individual communities  benefit from the widespread adoption of Corporate Connect as well. Everyone -even Galaxy Digital’s most successful GC clients- wish they could do even more to help their local communities, but the reality of working in the nonprofit sector is that a steady stream of resources requires hard work to maintain and year-round funding is hard to come by. Thanks to its innovative fund donation and volunteer management tools, nonprofits can maintain year-round engagement with their corporate partners while these companies in turn can enjoy access to a pre-populated and up-to-date source of relevant volunteer opportunities for their staff base. The best part? Little or no additional work is required on the part of volunteer and engagement managers on both sides to maintain their sites since our Connect products are made to seamlessly plug into each other.

A revolution in the volunteering industry, Corporate Connect will effectively eliminate barriers between change-makers and the projects who need them most at a price that is easily accessible to small, medium, and large enterprises. And that’s something worth talking about.

You can learn more about Corporate Connect by visiting our site or by requesting a free online demo. Contact Galaxy Digital at or call us at (828) 575-5300 for more information.

Galaxy Digital Team

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