As many of you know, Galaxy Digital is committed to rolling out new product enhancements on a quarterly basis. Some of the chief tools we use to determine the next innovations are our ears … specifically, those of our customer care and sales teams. By that, I mean that we listen to our customer base and to the market as a whole, and the feedback we receive has a major impact on our product development decisions.

I believe that this approach results in software that evolves consistently to meet the needs of the majority, and most important, it tends to make happy customers!

Many months ago it became clear that a growing number of our customers…

a) use Salesforce as a way to track and manage important relationships and,
b) need to move volunteer and agency data from Get Connected to Salesforce on a regular basis.

Recognizing this, we began drafting plans for a live connection between the two systems. That was 12 months ago. Today I am excited to announce that the integration between Galaxy software is complete and is available for the following Connect platforms by request:

  • Get Connected
  • Campus Connect
  • Corporate Connect
  • Community Connect

Essentially, the integration establishes a “digital handshake” that allows critical volunteer and agency data from Get Connected to be automatically transferred into an active Salesforce account, where it is then merged with existing contact information. There is a built-in de-duplication process which helps ensure that only the best data is transferred. In the end, this integration allows you to see all of your most important engagement data in a single record inside of your Salesforce account.

Features of the new Salesforce Integration

Here are the specific types of data that will be automatically linked from Get Connected to Salesforce:

  • Volunteers
  • Volunteer hours
  • Volunteer “fanned” agencies
  • Agencies
  • Agency managers
  • Needs
  • Need responses
  • Donations made within Get Connected

I am thrilled to deliver Salesforce integration to you as a new, FREE feature for all Connect software users. We will be watching and listening closely to you in the months to come to understand how you are using the integration, and to learn how we can make it even better. In the meantime, thanks for all of the amazing work that you are doing to make our world better through volunteerism, and thanks for making us the best volunteer engagement platform in the Galaxy!

Doss Church Galaxy Digital CEO