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Say hello to our New Recruits!

The Galaxy Digital Team is proud to introduce our newest GD Cadets for 2016. Our four new recruits are already joining forces to make our tight-knit intergalactic crew into a lean, mean, community engagement growing machine! Click here for all bios on the Our Team page or on their respective pictures for individual bios:


Dave Breske – “The Data Doctor”*

*Technically, Dave joined our team in 2015 but due to the fact that he didn’t get a formal introduction on our page until now, we decided to feature him here for everyone who’d like to learn more about this excellent Customer Care staff member (as well as the many happy clients who already know and love him!).*

Dave Customer Care Galaxy Digital

Ali Pettigrew“Little Miss Helpful”

Ali Galaxy Digital Team


Valery Caputi Lopez“Marketing Maven”

Val Galaxy Digital Team

Corey Reid “The (Sales)Man with a Plan”

Corey Reid Galaxy Digital

Author: Addison Waters