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Galaxy is Central Intelligence for Small Business & Nonprofits


Designed for non-experts, Galaxy makes fully integrated digital marketing campaigns simple, affordable and repeatable. From one central online dashboard, the small business or nonprofit office can easily…

  • Broadcast messages and gather feedback across multiple channels- email, mobile, and social media- using Galaxy’s comprehensive set of integrated, communication tools.
  • Build their contact database with viral forwarding and interactive, social registration pages (online event pages, group pages, blog subscriptions, donation pages, petition pages, more)
  • Understand their customers better (what their interests are, how to best interact with them) with a database that tracks & reports all customer interactions-from email click-thru’s to poll/survey results, to event RSVP’s, to forum & group participation, and more.
  • Gather, access, and organize customer data more easily with a relationship-focused database that is designed to make searching, querrying, segmenting, grouping, and communicating as simple as a single click.
  • Get the right message in front of the right people through the right channels. Need to know who in your database is most likely to volunteer? Make a donation? Host an event? Galaxy combines hard data and artificial intelligence to produce insight that tells our customers who & what need to be the focus of their next campaign in order to produce the best results.

The Campaigner platform revolutionizes the way that small business and nonprofit offices communicate with their contact base, enabling them to better track, measure and increase customer/donor/volunteer engagement – all while reducing the time, work, and cost traditionally required to accomplish these tasks.

Campaigner is central intelligence for every small business & nonprofit.

Author: Doss Church