Teen Volunteerism: Why It’s Important

We all have a vested interest in seeing teenagers succeed. Regular access to civic-engagement opportunities can lead to better outcomes for teens and their communities. Teens who volunteer are more likely to perform better in school and work, and become civically active adults. Below, we discuss some of the many benefits of teen volunteerism, and [...]

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Volunteering Together: The Benefits of Family Volunteerism

Volunteering is a dynamic, enriching experience for adults and children alike, and more families are looking to volunteering as a way to spend time together. Read on to learn how your volunteering can benefit the whole family. Volunteering transmits values Children learn through observation and model this behavior. When parents or other family members exhibit [...]

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How the Benefits of Volunteering Can Attract Recruits

Talking about the many benefits of volunteering can be part of a powerful volunteer recruitment strategy. Compelling research suggests that volunteerism improves health, enhances quality of life and builds valuable career skills. Get this information out to potential volunteer recruits, as well as your current volunteers. Knowing the facts on the benefits of volunteering may [...]

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Why is Volunteering Important?

Why is Volunteering Important? At Galaxy Digital, our Get Connected software and Customer Success Team help organizations all across the country to connect volunteers with volunteer opportunities every day. Even so, we were surprised to discover some recent studies that shed new light on a very simple but important question—Why is volunteering important?   Why [...]

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