The Real-World Benefits of Volunteering in College

When a student reflects on his or her college experience, what do they hope to remember? Lifelong friends, riveting classroom discussions, and walking across that stage to get their diploma are all highlights of the undergraduate experience. But in today’s quickly evolving job market, there’s one thing students should be adding to their list of college memories [...]

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Should You Volunteer Your Specialized Skills to a Nonprofit?

When we volunteer at charitable organizations, we often do so because we are passionate about the cause. We might not care if the work is unskilled, as long as we’re cleaning up our city’s river, fundraising for cancer, or collecting in-kind donations for a food bank. But increasingly, people are volunteering with nonprofits as a [...]

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Need a Paying Job? Volunteer!

You may be a high school or college student, a recent graduate, or someone changing careers, but the lesson remains the same: Volunteering makes you a stronger job candidate if you’re currently unemployed. The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) is a government agency that promotes volunteerism. In 2013, it released a study that quantifies the [...]

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Four tips that will help you recruit college volunteers

If a nonprofit is located near a community college or university, it has some built-in advantages. College students are energetic, enthusiastic, and bright young people who are eager to gain experience while making a difference in the world. In fact, 33% of volunteers identify “professional networking and development” as motivating factors for working with a [...]

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