How to Recruit College Volunteers: 5 Ways to Grow Your Program

how to recruit college volunteers

If a nonprofit is located near a community college or university, it has some built-in advantages. College volunteers can be a valuable addition to your volunteer program; and with a competitive job market, college students are increasingly turning to volunteer organizations to help them develop real-world skills and boost their resumes. So why not focus […]

The Importance of Communicating Impact to Volunteers

Communicating impact to volunteers is an essential part of any volunteer retention strategy. Volunteers need to be reassured that they are contributing to a worthy organization, and that their individual efforts are making a difference. Retaining volunteers is more than worth the effort it takes to convince them to renew their commitment. Long-term volunteers offer […]

Matching Volunteers by Passions, Interests, and Abilities

Research suggests that one of the most successful tactics a charitable organization can undertake to increase volunteer retention is matching volunteers to tasks by their passions, interests, and abilities. Volunteer satisfaction contributes more than almost any other factor as to whether or not volunteers continue to donate their time and efforts to a particular organization. […]

How to Start a Volunteer Program in 4 Steps

volunteer group learning how to start a volunteer program

Starting a volunteer program is rewarding and integral in fostering thriving communities. But it can feel like a daunting task, and you may not be sure where to begin. Nevertheless, with the right tools and some planning, setting up a successful volunteer program is achievable. We’ve outlined the four essential steps to help you learn […]

Types of Volunteering

Types of Volunteering National Data On Types of Volunteering Needed By Community Service Agencies What types of volunteering needs are most critical for your organization? Data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau reveals the top four types of volunteering positions that were filled in 2011: 1. Fundraising 2. Collecting, distributing, cooking or serving food 3. […]