5 Lessons That Nonprofits Can Learn from Political Campaigns

This election season was a circus. Tweets, TV interviews, and big public events took all of the air out of the room. Gone are the days of a stump speech taking a candidate from a town hall meeting to center stage of a national debate. However, amidst all the chaos we've seen in the political [...]

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Volunteer Management Best Practices

People power movements. There are countless people in your community who want to support your mission with their time, energy, talent and dollars. When you employ volunteer management best practices you increase your impact by attracting, engaging, and guiding the people who power your movement. Our Get Connected software makes it easy for your organization [...]

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Why Choose Galaxy Digital for Volunteer Management?

A lot of organizations approach us with one simple question, “Why choose Galaxy Digital for our volunteer management needs?” The simple answer is that we are truly passionate about helping our clients drive positive change in communities. We have worked hard to put that passion into practice by developing powerful, easy to use software solutions [...]

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