The Only 5 Church Volunteer Recruitment Ideas You’ll Ever Need

Church Volunteer Recruitment Ideas: 5 Key Ways To Grow Your Program If you’re looking to grow your church volunteer program, it may be time to reevaluate your recruitment methods. The best way to recruit volunteers is organically. That is, you shouldn’t have to sell the idea of volunteering. Rather, you should reach out to those [...]

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Best Practices in Volunteer Recruitment

A nonprofit’s operation often depends on the enthusiastic work of its volunteers. Whether the volunteers provide childcare, help with taxes, or sort in-kind donations, they are an integral part of many organizations. Volunteers don’t just contribute physically; they contribute monetarily as well. A Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund report found that people who volunteered in the [...]

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Volunteer Recruitment Best Practices on the Internet

Establishing a set of volunteer recruitment best practices should accomplish more for your organization than attracting new volunteers. A successful volunteer recruitment strategy will also strengthen your organization’s image in your community, create awareness about your mission, and showcase your achievements. In today’s technology driven culture, crafting a set of volunteer recruitment best practices customized [...]

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