The Only 5 Church Volunteer Recruitment Ideas You’ll Ever Need

Church Volunteer Recruitment Ideas: 5 Key Ways To Grow Your Program If you’re looking to grow your church volunteer program, it may be time to reevaluate your recruitment methods. The best way to recruit volunteers is organically. That is, you shouldn’t have to sell the idea of volunteering. Rather, you should reach out to those [...]

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New Feature Alert: Opportunity Scheduling

Our admins have often requested a new way to better “schedule” their events.  Until now, Advanced Events has been bearing the load of scheduling volunteers, especially for activities such as Days of Service. Later this fall, our software will be streamlined in the form of our exciting upgrade called "Opportunity Scheduling", which is a new feature that comes with the release of [...]

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Matching Volunteers by Passions, Interests, and Abilities

Research suggests that one of the most successful tactics a charitable organization can undertake to increase volunteer retention is matching volunteers to tasks by their passions, interests, and abilities. Volunteer satisfaction contributes more than almost any other factor as to whether or not volunteers continue to donate their time and efforts to a particular organization. [...]

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