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New Feature Announcement: Team Registration

Galaxy Digital is excited to announce a new (FREE) feature that has just been added to Get Connected—Team Registration. When creating a Need within the Get Connected system, Agencies can now “Enable Team Sign Up” by simply checking a box. Once the need is created, Volunteers who are browsing the site will see a new button titled, “Respond To Need As Team”. Clicking this button allows an individual to quickly register an entire group of people by adding their names and key contact information, and puts the agency in touch with the Team leader right away. As a result, Agency’s that have more complex needs now have the option of meeting them in a more efficient and effective way.

I hope Team Registration will benefit you and your agencies as you work together to help meet the needs of your community. More Get Connected improvements are soon to come so please stay tuned!

Doss Church
CEO / Creative Director
Galaxy Digital
Ashevile, NC