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Tips for An Enchanting Holiday Campaign

As the summer heat tapers into a cool breeze, our agencies and admins know their annual holiday campaigns are approaching. Some of you may be unsure of the best way to implement a successful large-scale event. But don’t worry- we’re here to help!

The Advanced Events Module is a tool that will be instrumental as you plan your campaign. The Advanced Events Module is a platform for managing large-scale community events. In addition to providing access to searchable volunteer opportunities, the module enables admins to deliver waivers, collect event-specific data from agencies and volunteers, and even manage company-sponsored participation in the event.

These features make the Advanced Events Module the perfect tool for managing the many volunteer opportunities and community efforts that happen during the holidays. The Hiawatha Homes Foundation has been hugely successful in using Advanced-Events to organize and execute their annual “Festival of Trees” campaign. Last year, they raised over $212,000 to provide support and services for 140 people living with disabilities in their community.

You may be asking yourself, “Wow, how do I get started with the Advanced Events Module?” Well, it’s actually quite simple! If you follow these steps, you’ll be on the road to success this holiday season.

Using Advanced Events to Create Your Event

First, you must create the event by giving it a name, a description, and a scheduled date. You can also decide on the banner color that will appear on the advanced-event page for users.

Second, you must establish your sign-up settings. You’ll need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What will we require of agencies that want to participate? Will they need to sign a waiver? Is it necessary for them provide certain information beyond what is in their agency profile?
  • What information do we want them to give us about each need that they post?
  • What will we require of volunteers who want to participate? Will they need to sign a waiver? Will they need to provide certain information beyond what is in their user profile?

If you’re going to require waivers, go ahead and write and save them as a PDF or Word document; you’ll be able to include these in the user and agency registration form for the event.

Invite Your Agencies and Volunteers

Once you’ve outlined the items necessary for registration, you can invite your agencies. Your agencies can then register and post event-related volunteer opportunities.

After you’ve completed these steps, you’re ready to involve volunteers. There are two ways that you can extend volunteer opportunities. You can make the opportunities public so that site visitors can view and respond to them, or you can assign individual opportunities privately to a company or group of people. You’ll decide based on the type of event you’re having.

At this point, you’ve tackled all of the hard stuff: You’ve set up the event, involved your agencies, and made opportunities available to volunteers. Now all you have to do is be available for support. You’ll be responsible for adding, editing, or deleting volunteer responses as needed; adding volunteer hours if necessary; and exporting data for reporting.

The final step is to share your success. If your campaign is a smash-hit, we want to hear about it! Reach out at marketing@galaxydigital.com.


Author: Doss Church