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A modern, simple experience
for you and your students.

Make it easy for your students
to select the opportunities that they care about.

Check-in students.
Anywhere, anytime.

Check-in students & collect signed documents all in one place

Give your campus
the tools it needs.

  • Private link for instructors to share opportunities.
  • Volunteer Resume that tracks student’s impact.
  • Built-in communication tools for easy coordination.
  • Real time tracking of student responses.

Track volunteerism
in real-time.

Generate powerful infographic reports
to illustrate your school’s community impact.

With better management tools and superior engagement,
 Campus Connect is strengthening communities worldwide.

-Ben Wright
Bradley University

"We are able to now accurately measure the impact students, faculty, and staff are making in the community. It was always an estimate, and now it is an actual representation.”

-Estela De La Garza
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

"We are able to connect our students to so many opportunities across our region, and we are happy that they are connecting to needs that are mutually beneficial."

-Heather Williams
Dalton State

"Prior to using this platform it was impossible to accurately track volunteer data (we were still using paper logs). It simplifies the verification of service hours completed. And it allows us to connect more students/users with the needs in our community."

Community Connect

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