COVID-19 Resources for Galaxy Site Managers

You have a crucial role in helping your communities – day-to-day and even more so during a crisis. We are here to help. 

In the days and weeks ahead, the Galaxy Digital Team will use this page to share valuable resources on how Site Managers can best utilize their Get Connected software to respond to COVID-19 needs. Check back often to get the latest resources and recommendations.

And as always, you may contact our Customer Experience team with questions.

Galaxy Digital is in the business of helping you help your local communities. We care.

Click on one of the topics to the right to find strategic advice and practical tips to help you achieve your goals through the use of Galaxy's software.

3/31 Update #1

Virtual Opportunities

You can now mark opportunities (called needs on some sites) as “virtual” opportunities. These would be needs that people can do at home or other offsite locations. For example: 

  • Online services such as tutoring, providing online emotional support, or even doing data entry. 
  • Services done easily from home such as sewing blankets or writing letters. 


You can select Virtual Opportunities as an option from the Add New Opportunity or Edit Opportunity page within your site.

Learn how to create Virtual Opportunities the 45-second video to the right >>

3/31 Update #2

Clickable Site Banners

The banner at the top of your volunteer site can now be turned into a link. Clicking the banner will send volunteers to whatever web page you decide. 

  • You can use this link to send volunteers to an outside link for COVID-19 information.
  • You can direct volunteers to a specific page within your volunteer site, such as a custom page that has your COVID-19 related information or a listing of your virtual opportunities.


See how to set up a Clickable Banner in the 55-second video on your right>>

You may want to change your banner to include text or images that make it clear that it is clickable. Learn more about creating banners.

3/31 Update #3

Webinar: Disaster Response and Volunteer Management

Do you want to learn key strategies for how to manage a crisis using your Get Connected software? Olivia Roach, Disaster Response Specialist at Galaxy Digital, has prepared a recorded webinar to provide some guidance.

Click the image on the right to access a recorded webinar that…

  • Focuses on assessing your program for needed changes during this crisis 
  • Offers strategies for using the tools available to you through Get Connected.


Before joining our team, Olivia earned a Master’s of Public Health degree and has worked with the State of North Carolina Public Health Preparedness and Response as a regional planning consultant, including key work during hurricanes and other disaster-related projects.

3/30 Update

Bulk Actions

With many locations moving to shelter-in-place policies, many of you will need to limit what your volunteers and partners are able to do for a while.

We have the ability to help you…

  • Delete a selection of your opportunities (called Needs on some sites).
  • Make all of your opportunities private so that no one sees them.
  • Set all of your opportunities so that volunteers can only sign up as individuals, not teams.
  • Change the capacity of all opportunities (how many people can sign up) to a lower number.


You can request these bulk actions by reaching out to our Customer Experience Team, who will be able to provide you more detailed information and help you think through what is most important to you in this crisis.

3/26 Update

Galaxy Digital Covid-19 Forum

Over the past few days, we’ve spoken to several of our clients who have expressed the desire to share ideas with other Get Connected site managers. We agree. We want to empower you to share your knowledge with each other in the upcoming weeks and months as the nation responds and recovers from this viral outbreak.

We’re announcing the Galaxy Digital COVID-19 Response and Relief Community Forum. This is a chance to talk about and show other Volunteer Management professionals and Get Connected site managers what you and your organizations are doing to impact your communities.

In this forum, you’ll also have the chance to ask what other site managers are doing. What questions do you want to pose to your colleagues? If you don’t see many posts yet on a topic you care about, ask a question! Someone will have ideas.

Our Customer Experience Team is excited to see the conversations that will play out and add our Get Connected expertise to the mix when needed.

We are all in this together!

3/23 Update

Custom Pages

Our Custom Pages feature enables you to create a central place within your Connect software to provide guidance during the COVID-19 crisis – for your volunteers and the people you serve.

Take a look at these images of how some people are doing that!

Learn how to create a Custom Page.

Some suggestions…

  • Provide detailed information about any new policies your organization may have.
  • Speak directly and clearly to volunteers about how they should change their behavior.
  • Always use simple, clear, concrete language. Instead of saying “Practice social distancing,” say “Stay in the parking lot until asked to come inside. Keep a distance of at least six feet from other volunteers.” Instead of saying, “Observe good hygiene,” say “Wash your hands before and after every food delivery.”
  • Be sure to link to reliable sources for current information. We recommend:
  • Talk to the people you serve. Tell them what you are doing to directly impact their need

3/20 Update

Using Initiatives for Virus Response

Use our Initiatives feature to direct volunteers to the right projects at this time. We have resources to help you do that. We offer live or recorded trainings on Initiatives. You can also read about how to use Initiatives.

If you look directly to your right, you will find a video for using Initiatives specifically for this virus crisis.

A few tips: Use the Initiatives banner to convey key information. For example…

  • Your guidelines for social distancing
  • Safety policies during solo volunteering
  • Hand washing and other precautions
  • What a volunteer should do if they exhibit symptoms

Deactivate other Spotlights so that volunteer attention is focused on this Initiative.

Put all and only needs that you want volunteers to do now under the Initiative.

3/19 Update


  • You can use the communication tools on your site to reach out to your volunteers.
  • Encourage volunteers to access your website using their personal devices rather than shared devices.
  • Avoid using the check-in kiosk feature at this time. While it is a convenient feature it increases surface contact.
  • Sign-up Button – If you want to limit new registrations, you can have our Customer Experience Team turn off the sign-up option so no new volunteers can register at this time.

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