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Enhancements to Get Connected

Listening to your needs helps us make our software better for you everyday. In addition to our regular updates release schedule, we will now be making smaller enhancements to the platform on a regular basis. Click here to read more about the enhancements process. For more information about our larger product updates, you’ll want to visit this article.


Expanded agency profile social media link options 

In addition to the Facebook and Twitter options, Agency Managers now have Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube fields they can utilize to connect with their volunteers.

Ability to view email content for messages sent via email blast 

Site Managers could not view previous email blast content without needing to send a test or add themselves as a recipient. This content can be viewed in Communication > Email Stats and then clicking the respective View Email Content link.

Sort order preferences for viewing needs 

Site Managers can choose the default need order when users go to view the needs list. Options now include: Recently Updated (Default), Newest First, Oldest First, Soonest First, or Alphabetical and can be found in the Settings > Main Settings area.

Ability to require checkbox custom user registration questions

In Settings > User Registration when creating a custom user registration question that is a checkbox Field Type, Site Managers can now make them required for users to fill out.

Automatically strip or remove invalid characters from WYSIWYG editor to prevent page errors 

Previously, custom pages and blog posts were showing a page error when invalid characters were used within the body. This update was made to prevent that issue from occurring as frequently.

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