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Create, manage, and track events of all sizes! This is a built-in module included with every Get Connected, Campus Connect, and Corporate Connect software license.

Whether you are planning fundraisers, volunteer initiatives—such as a Day of Action or Day of Caring—or more targeted group-based volunteer projects, the Advanced Events Module can make event management easy and efficient from start to finish.

How it Works

The Advanced Events Module provides any organization with an event planning and management tool which can be used to run a small one-day event or city-wide team-based events. It is included in all editions (2.0 or higher) of Get Connected, Campus Connect, and Corporate Connect.

Create projects or invite agencies to submit projects for an event through their agency admin area.
Easily review and approve events and projects once they have been created.
Identify approved projects as public (displayed on site) or private (not show to non-member site visitors)
Selectively share events and projects with corporate partners, schools, organizations or other community groups.
Allow potential volunteers to see event descriptions and volunteer opportunities and to register online.
Message volunteers before during or after the event directly from the system.
Track and report on all project details leading up to your event—approved projects, number of volunteers needed, number of registered volunteers, and more.
Track and report on overall activity once your event has ended—number of participants, hours served, and more.
Event Management Software

Easy Online Event Planning

Any Volunteer Center, campus-based community engagement program, non-profit organization, or company can benefit from the mobile-friendly event planning capabilities offered by the Advanced Events Module.

  • Mobile-friendly design for on-the-go event management and registration
  • Organize one-day or multi-day events
  • Multiple agencies can collaborate on events
  • Plan multiple projects simultaneously
  • Event dashboards for agencies, corporate partners, community groups
  • Match volunteers with event based opportunities
  • Individual registration
  • Team registration
  • Promote event needs
  • Create automated event reminders
  • Sign-in sheets
  • Online check-in
  • Detailed tracking and reporting

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“The Service-learning module has improved our ability to communicate with students, faculty and the community. This site makes it easier for all involved to understand expectations as well as desired outcomes. “
Bryan Hall
“Get Connected has allowed our University to become more engaged with our students, community partners, faculty, and staff. The site is user friendly and super easy for Community Partners to instantly connect with our campus community.”
Randy Phipps
“The Service-Learning Module has been especially helpful to us in designing and setting up easily accessible projects for our students.”
Todd Marrow
“Get Connected, especially the service-learning module, has been helpful in streamlining the process of getting students, faculty, and staff involved in our city’s community. We appreciate and the support and care that we have received from Galaxy Digital for their product!”
Jill Smith
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