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A modern, simple experience
for you and your volunteers.

Make it easy for your volunteers
to select the projects they care about.

Check-in volunteers.
Anywhere, anytime.

Check-in volunteers on site or in the
field from any internet-connected device.

Give corporate partners
the tools they need.

Nurture and maintain corporate partnerships with built-in communication tools, private join links, and real-time tracking of employee responses.

Track volunteerism
in real-time.

Generate powerful infographic reports to
illustrate volunteer impact with your community

With better management tools and superior engagement,
Community Connect is strengthening communities worldwide.

- Sara Davis
Community Outreach Coordinator, Habitat for Humanity McHenry County

"Volunteers can easily browse opportunities by program, see/find how many hours they’ve volunteered, and track their sweat equity. Not only that, but volunteers get reminders to check-in and check-out, which really helps us do a better job of capturing hours. I would definitely recommend that other Habitats check out Community Connect."

- Cara Corrigan
Program Manager, Habitat for Humanity of Ventura County

"Community Connect has allowed me to spend more time developing our volunteer program and being creative in other ways, instead of recruiting and fishing for volunteer data! I would recommend taking a look at Community Connect to see if it would also be a good fit for your Habitat."

- Dave Neary
Executive Director, DuPage Habitat for Humanity

"I’ve been very appreciative of Galaxy Digitals level of customer service, and their desire to build a partnership specifically with Habitats.They’re focused on a winning solution that works for both of us."

Community Connect

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