A Guide for Corporations on Millennial Engagement and Employee Volunteer Programs

Learn why employee disengagement is one of the largest looming threats to a corporation’s profit margins.

Over half of the nation’s workforce was actively disengaged in 2016. When your employees are not engaged, you’ll start to notice a rise in turnover, and a decline in retention rates. While this in itself is troubling, the 71% of disengaged Millennial employees is deeply worrisome for anyone who wants their corporation to be successful in the next ten years. This whitepaper will delve into the issue of Millennial engagement, and help you prepare your corporate volunteerism strategy for the years to come.

Download to learn:

  • The negative impact of Millennial Disengagement
  • How to better understand the needs of your Millennial employees
  • How employee volunteerism programs boost Millennial engagement and retention
  • What forward-thinking companies are doing to engage Millennials
  • The next steps to take when launching your own volunteer program

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