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Community Connect:

Your Church’s Solution to
Volunteer Engagement

Colorful orbes.
A astronaut.

1. Easy

A modern, simple experience.

We use the best practices of social sharing to make it easy
for your volunteers to select the opportunities they care about.

Get started, schedule your free demo now.

Experience a familiar
digital environment that is easy to navigate.

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2. Engage

Better engage your church members
with automated volunteer matching.

Inspire repeat volunteerism and easily direct community outreach.
Select it, share it, schedule it.

View of an opportunites list.
View of an opportunites list on a mobile device.

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Easily coordinate both individual volunteers and groups:

  • Quickly build groups with mass or private invites.
  • Curate targeted opportunities for internal or
    external groups.
  • Simple communication tools for group leaders.
  • Real-time tracking of volunteer responses.
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3. Reporting

All the right data in real-time.

  • Generate powerful infographics with the click of a button.
  • Share your service story with your congregation.
  • Quickly find the data you are looking for, then export to .csv with the click of a button.

Do this…

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View of data charts.
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Don’t do this…

Arrow pointing left and down.

…or this

Arrow pointing right and down.

Check-in feature on a mobile device.

4. Mobile-Friendly

Coordinate volunteers on the fly from any device.

  • Reach your congregation on their mobile devices.
  • 60% of internet users surf the web on their phone.
  • If you aren’t mobile, you’re missing your members.
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