Online Donations

Boost your fundraising efforts with Get Connected's online donation and donation tracking features.

Your volunteer database is a fantastic pool of potential donors; in fact, volunteers are twice as likely to donate as non-volunteers. We’ve partnered with Stripe, an online payment processing technology, so organizations can receive volunteer donations directly through their Get Connected site.

Online Donations
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More about online donations with Get Connected

  • Thank your donors with customizable, automated messaging. 
  • Passive and active donation requests do the work for you.
  • Get Connected’s “donation” button  invites support from your volunteer community. 
  • The Donation Pop-up automatically requests donations after a volunteer registers for an opportunity or RSVPs to an event. You can disable the Donation Pop-up at any time.

Bonus donation tracking features

  • Access donation data with Get Connected’s reporting tools. Acknowledge your most generous volunteers with individual donor reports.

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