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Online Donations

Boost your fundraising efforts with Get Connected's online donation and donation tracking features.

Your volunteer database is a fantastic pool of potential donors; in fact, volunteers are twice as likely to donate as non-volunteers.

We’ve partnered with Stripe, an online payment processing technology, so organizations can receive volunteer donations directly through their Get Connected site.

See how Get Connected can help you and your volunteers with scheduling, fundraising, paperless waivers, and more.

Just need a quick, easy way to track volunteer hours?
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More about online donations with Get Connected


Passive and active donation requests do the work for you.

  • Get Connected’s “donation” button  invites support from your volunteer community.
  • The Donation Pop-up automatically requests donations after a volunteer registers for an opportunity or RSVPs to an event. You can disable the Donation Pop-up at any time.

Mange and track your volunteer donations in one easy-to-use place

  • Keep track of your donors and their amounts in one place
  • Passive and active donation requests do the work for you.



Bonus donation tracking features

  • Access donation data with Get Connected’s reporting tools. Acknowledge your most generous volunteers with individual donor reports.

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