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Volunteer Management Software: 25+ Top Tools for Nonprofits

As a volunteer management leader, you’re likely busy organizing time sheets, setting up engaging events, and attracting prospects to your various opportunities. It seems that there’s often not enough time to juggle all of these responsibilities while engaging volunteers and building meaningful relationships with them.

In order to combat this, some organizations might turn to a collection of separate time-tracking tools and event registration forms in order to host their volunteer programs and engage with constituents. However, this can lead to data issues and disorganization down the line— a risk that no recruitment leader wants to take when it comes to their packed schedule.

Instead, consider investing in dedicated software to manage and recruit volunteers as well as organize events. A comprehensive volunteer management solution will only help your organization and set up a strong foundation for growth.

In this guide, we’ll be exploring the best volunteer management software available. Follow along from the top or use the navigation below to jump to the section that interests you most:

Best Volunteer Management Software

More Volunteer Management Tools

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Let's dive into Get Connected, our top volunteer management software solution.

Best Volunteer Management Software: Get Connected 

Overview of This Volunteer Management System 

Get Connected is an all-in-one volunteer management solution to meet any of your needs. With its comprehensive platform, nonprofits and other service-focused organizations can increase volunteer engagement, build long-lasting relationships with supporters, and more effectively track involvement. 

This mobile-friendly solution is perfect for volunteer recruitment leaders who have trouble meeting passionate volunteers and keeping them engaged. After all, volunteers who continue to stick with your organization are some of your most valuable supporters. With effective software like Get Connected, you can better retain these individuals and build genuinely meaningful relationships that last.

Key Volunteer Management Features 

Get Connected has a variety of features and benefits that empower nonprofits to take control of their volunteer management. These features include:

Get Connected brings its volunteer management software to the next level with a mobile app.
  • Volunteer app: Get Connected comes with a free volunteer app that any smartphone user can download. This is an easy way for volunteers to track hours, as well as allows you to connect with volunteers quickly and easily.
  • Volunteer profiles: Access volunteer profiles that detail personal preferences, impact, and history. Use this data to provide a personalized experience for each of your volunteers!
  • Group and team engagement: Easily create groups, assign team leaders, send exclusive join links, and email volunteers important, team-specific information. 
  • Volunteer hour tracking: Volunteers can either log hours through an on-site kiosk or through the mobile app.
  • Automated communication: Access to automated communication tools allow you to welcome new volunteers, send surveys, or prompt a volunteer check-in as soon as a specific action triggers it. 
  • Recruitment and promotion: Within the volunteer engagement portal, you can highlight events, promote opportunities, and increase volunteer attendance through customized landing pages and other relevant information and resources. 

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Learn More About Get Connected Volunteer Management Software

Get Connected is the best one-stop solution for any organization. With it, you’ll better engage your supporters and create long-lasting and valuable relationships. And, you’ll be getting great help from some of your most passionate supporters.

Learn more about Get Connected! 

More Volunteer Management Tools 

Learn more about SignUp Genius, a volunteer management tool.

SignUp Genius – Volunteer Management Software 

Overview of This Volunteer Management System 

SignUp Genius is a form builder and event organizer platform that also has dedicated nonprofit volunteer management capabilities. Use this tool to find volunteers to assist in your next fundraising event. This way, you can increase fundraising opportunities without having to hire outside help.

With SignUp Genius, you can recruit and coordinate volunteers, collect key information, and streamline the entire volunteer process.

Key Volunteer Management Features 

Here are some of the top features that SignUp Genius offers:

  • Customized sign up invites, event registrations, and forms 
  • Custom reports with an volunteer data export process
  • Text messages to communicate with volunteers

Check out this volunteer management system with free online signup sheets: – Volunteer Management Software 

Overview of This Volunteer Management System is a tool that provides free online signup sheets as well as additional tools to help manage events. Their volunteer scheduling tool is also free to use and can save your organization time in coordinating projects, recurring events, fundraisers, and other volunteer-powered opportunities.

Key Volunteer Management Features comes with the following features:

  • Free online SignUp sheets for easy volunteer registration
  • Email and social media connections to invite volunteers
  • eCalendar syncing and automated reminders to keep volunteers on track

Learn more about InitLive, a top volunteer management software option.

InitLive – Volunteer Management Software

Overview of This Volunteer Management System

With InitLive, nonprofits can create volunteer programs and manage a team of passionate participants. InitLive allows you to track your program as it evolves, giving you insights on how to improve it each year. 

From there, you can engage with volunteers, providing them with timely communications to ensure that everyone stays in the loop.

Key Volunteer Management Features

Here are InitLive’s top volunteer management features:

  • Customized volunteer registration process
  • Mobile app for two-way communication, shift confirmations, reminders, and updates
  • Historical reports to track volunteer performance year by year

Let’s explore CERVIS’s top volunteer management features.

CERVIS – Volunteer Management Software

Overview of This Volunteer Management System 

If you often find yourself struggling to keep track of volunteers and send important updates and reminders, CERVIS is there to meet your volunteer coordinator needs.

CERVIS is a simple volunteer management solution to help nonprofit leaders coordinate volunteers and save time while doing so. This way, you can stay organized and get closer to achieving your mission. With it, you can streamline your volunteer program for all parties involved.

Key Volunteer Management Features

CERVIS offers the following:

  • Customized, online scheduling
  • Automatic reminders through email and text messaging
  • Training and support from the CERVIS team

Learn how Better Impact’s volunteer management software can help you measure impact.

Better Impact – Volunteer Management Software 

Overview of This Volunteer Management System

Tracking your supporter impact is crucial to determine the areas that your nonprofit is succeeding in and the ones that you might need more work. Better Impact can help leaders like you measure volunteer impact and take the steps to increase it.

With its unlimited volunteer profiles and intuitive design, you’ll be able to recruit more volunteers, coordinate events with more ease, and communicate in effective and targeted ways.

Key Volunteer Management Features

Some of Better Impact’s key features include:

  • Comprehensive volunteer profiles
  • Custom branding to your organization within a volunteer portal
  • Flexible scheduling tools to ensure that volunteer preferences are accommodated for

Let’s explore this volunteer management software, HandsOn Connect.

HandsOn Connect – Volunteer Management Software

Overview of This Volunteer Management System

HandsOn Connect is a cloud-based volunteer management solution with connections to Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack. They know that volunteers are a critical part of any nonprofit’s success and offer a customizable solution. 

HandsOn Connect is a solution from the Points of Light Institute, an international organization that promotes a global culture of volunteering. Leveraging the connections and knowledge that Points of Light has, HandsOn Connect continues to improve their product and ensure that clients are successfully engaging volunteers and making use of all opportunities.

Key Volunteer Management Features 

With HandsOn Connect, you can:

  • Work, report, and track data anywhere with its cloud-based solution
  • Access a 360 degree view of volunteer engagement

With Volgistics’s volunteer management software, you can better organize the entire volunteer recruitment process.

Volgistics – Volunteer Management Software 

Overview of This Volunteer Management System 

For over 25 years, Volgistics has provided a solution to help organizations manage and engage their volunteers. Within its volunteer portal, supporters can submit applications, view opportunities, check their schedules, and track their hours. 

Volgistics is there to help you through the entire volunteer management cycle, as well as address specific needs. You can turn features on or off and personalize the system to work for you.

Key Volunteer Management Features 

Volgisitcs can empower your volunteer management with the following features:

  • Background screening with Verified First
  • Intuitive scheduling software to organize volunteers and events
  • Volunteer application management tool to help with recruitment

Volunteer management software like Samaritan Technologies can help set your nonprofit up for success.

Samaritan Technologies – Volunteer Management Software

Overview of This Volunteer Management System 

Founded in a volunteer center, Samaritan Technologies is based on the idea that volunteer and program leaders should have the necessary tools to maximize their impact. Samaritan Technologies provides a solution that volunteer managers can use to recruit, retain, coordinate, track, and report on their volunteers.

Samaritan Technologies offers on-site help to get to know the client and figure out what the best solution is for them.

Key Volunteer Management Features 

Here are some of Samaritan Technologies key features:

  • eRecruiter website for volunteers to find opportunities that most interest them
  • Customizable volunteer registration forms with the necessary release forms and other materials
  • Volunteer dashboard where you can access your schedule or track your hours

Learn how VolunteerMark’s volunteer management tools can help you.

VolunteerMark – Volunteer Management Software

Overview of This Volunteer Management System 

VolunteerMark is a solution to help nonprofit leaders run volunteer programs and engage supporters accordingly. With VolunteerMark, you can connect with volunteers and create an engaging experience. 

Key Volunteer Management Features 

With VolunteerMark, you can:

  • Schedule volunteer opportunities
  • Recruit and manage volunteers
  • Access a management dashboard for events and volunteers

Volunteer Local’s management tools can help you better organize volunteer programs and supporters.

Volunteer Local – Volunteer Management Software

Overview of This Volunteer Management System 

Volunteer Local is a dedicated volunteer management tool to help with scheduling, registration, and communication for your volunteer program leaders. With this user-friendly platform, anyone can make use of its tools and optimize their volunteer program.

No matter the volunteer event or program you host, Volunteer Local is there to improve the entire experience.

Key Volunteer Management Features 

Volunteer Local offers these top features:

  • Self-scheduling interface for volunteer recruitment
  • Custom registration forms to collect volunteer data
  • Real-time reporting to note areas of strengths and weaknesses

Let’s walk through VolunteerHub’s top volunteer management software features.

VolunteerHub – Volunteer Management Software

Overview of This Volunteer Management System

With VolunteerHub, you make the most of both your volunteers’ time and your own, from volunteer scheduling to recruitment to analyzing data.

Volunteer Hub allows you to simplify your management while still maximizing engagement with volunteers, providing a win-win solution for all parties involved.

Key Volunteer Management Features

With VolunteerHub, you can:

  • Provide a volunteer sign up calendar to simplify scheduling and organization
  • Send automated thank you emails to your volunteers
  • Refer to a volunteer database to increase functionality and improve future programs

Learn how TeamKinetic’s volunteer management software can upgrade your nonprofit’s programs.

TeamKinetic – Volunteer Management Software

Overview of This Volunteer Management System 

TeamKinetic is a UK-based volunteer management software company that aims to build cohesive and passionate communities through volunteerism, club memberships, events, and other local opportunities. 

With TeamKinetic, you’ll be able to not only recruit more volunteers but also retain them. Use instant feedback and achievement badges to motivate volunteers and build relationships with them.

Key Volunteer Management Features

TeamKinetic can empower nonprofits to:

  • Take control of their volunteer programs with customized registrations
  • Email and text volunteers straight from the TeamKinetic dashboard
  • Measure impact with real-time reports using volunteer hours and common KPIs

Track it Forward’s volunteer management software can help you juggle your growing volunteer programs.

Track it Forward – Volunteer Management Software

Overview of This Volunteer Management System 

Track it Forward is a volunteer management tool for those who seem to always run out of time. Whether you’re a part-time employee trying to make the most of the free time you have or you’re a full-time coordinator struggling with an overwhelming amount of volunteers, Track it Forward can help you track hours and schedule events.

Their system can also track more than just volunteer hours. With Track it Forward, you can record and manage your nonprofit’s mileage, gifts, donations, and more!

Key Volunteer Management Features

Track it Forward can help your nonprofit:

  • Empower volunteers by letting them in control of their own time tracking
  • Increase convenience with a dedicated volunteer mobile app
  • Start a new volunteer time tracking program

Read to learn about Giveffect’s top volunteer management software features.

Giveffect – Volunteer Management Software

Overview of This Volunteer Management System

Giveffect is a fundraising software that has dedicated specialties to volunteer management. With it, you can schedule volunteer events, organize and track hours, and engage supporters.

With Giveffect, you can create and manage volunteer events and shifts within minutes, helping you save time and money so you can instead work on more important campaigns. If your nonprofit is still depending on paper to track hours, Giveffect is a quick solution.

Key Volunteer Management Features

Here are some of Giveffect’s top features:

  • Unlimited volunteer job and shift creations
  • Volunteer newsletters to help engage supporters and let them know about new opportunities
  • Volunteer analytics dashboard to better understand past engagements and make new insights

Let’s explore VSys One’s volunteer management software solution.

VSys One – Volunteer Management Software

Overview of This Volunteer Management System

VSys One is a user-friendly volunteer management tool. Volunteer coordinators often have trouble coordinating hours and scheduling supporters, and VSys One can put the power back in your volunteers’ hands for self-management. This saves your staff time while ensuring that all information is correct.

Whether you’re managing 100 or 100,000 volunteers, VSys One’s system can save time and money and get what’s needed to be done.

Key Volunteer Management Features 

Some of VSys One’s top volunteer management features are:

  • 200+ built-in reports with customization tools
  • Awards and pins for milestones and achievements
  • Volunteer profiles with relationship, availability, skills, need, and more

Here are some of GivePulse’s top virtual management software features.

GivePulse – Volunteer Management Software

Overview of This Volunteer Management System 

GivePulse is a community of volunteers, professionals, civic leaders, and service-learning students. Their goal is to help those who want to make a social impact.

With GivePulse, volunteer recruitment leaders can not only manage their volunteers, but passionate supporters can also use their system to find valuable opportunities. This is a way to find new volunteers and fill the gaps in your workforce.

Key Volunteer Management Features 

Here are GivePulse’s key features to explore:

  • Volunteer-facing portal to explore top events and opportunities in their area
  • Relationship management database that helps run specific reports and store key data
  • Data assessments to reflect on experience and share impact with community

Upgrade your volunteer management processes with Andar/360.

Andar/360 – Volunteer Management Software

Overview of This Volunteer Management System

Andar/360 is a system that gives volunteer recruitment leaders a complete picture of their constituents and campaigns. With it, you can manage volunteers and match them to events that interest them. 

Andar/360 has the ability to create a supporter profile with both giving and volunteering data included. This can be supporter-facing, allowing your volunteers to see their entire impact in one place.

Key Volunteer Management Features

With Andar/360, volunteer recruitment leaders can:

  • Email volunteers directly from their website
  • Access reports online to review and analyze data
  • Manage volunteer opportunities and schedule hours

Let’s explore Mobilize, a comprehensive volunteer management software.

Mobilize – Volunteer Management Software

Overview of This Volunteer Management System

Mobilize is a volunteer management tool that can help nonprofits engage their volunteers and better their mission.

Not only does Mobilize help nonprofits, but it also empowers your supporters. With their database of volunteer opportunities, your supporters can peruse a list of events and activities that most appeal to them.

Key Volunteer Management Features

With Mobilize, you can:

  • Create event postings
  • Send automated email and text messages to registered volunteers 
  • Empower your all-star volunteers to host and lead events

Breeze’s volunteer management software can help your church better engage volunteers.

Breeze – Volunteer Management Software

Overview of This Volunteer Management System

Breeze is a church management software for small to mid-sized churches. With its easy-to-use system, Breeze can also manage your church volunteers. Service is a big part of being in a church community, so it only makes sense to invest in a tool that makes the whole experience easier for both you and your church members.

With Breeze, you can look up supporters and even group them based on volunteer activities. There are also tools to help manage events, so you can create volunteer opportunities and promote them to your passionate and service-driven community.

Key Volunteer Management Features

Some of Breeze’s top features are:

  • Unlimited number of people in the system
  • Ability to email and text individuals and groups
  • Breeze mobile app for access to data and processes

If your church is looking for volunteer management tools, Churchteams can help.

Churchteams – Volunteer Management Software

Overview of This Volunteer Management System

Churchteams is another church management software that can empower both your leaders and the congregation. Churchteams has volunteer management tools to help your most active supporters make a difference.

With Churchteams, the entire volunteer scheduling process becomes easier to use. Better serve your church community with volunteer management software like Churchteams.

Key Volunteer Management Features 

Churchteams offers these key volunteer management features:

  • Centralized dashboard with all volunteer requests and interests
  • Schedules and reminders to engage volunteers
  • Mission teams that you can manage from one platform

Expand your current volunteer programs with VolunteerMatters, a dedicated management tool.

VolunteerMatters – Volunteer Management Software

Overview of This Volunteer Management System 

With VolunteerMatters, you can promote volunteerism, eliminate engagement barriers, and empower some of your most important supporters.

Measure the impact and get feedback with VolunteerMatters. Within its portal, your supporters can answer a quick poll or provide longer comments to help improve their experience and make your programs stronger.

Key Volunteer Management Features 

VolunteerMatters can take your volunteering program to the next level with:

  • A dedicated volunteer portal where your volunteers can track hours and give feedback
  • Personalized project catalog so your supporters can peruse the events that will most interest them and increase registrations
  • Automated communication to increase engagement with volunteers

Easily create events and recruit volunteers with EveryAction, a volunteer management solution.

EveryAction – Volunteer Management Software

Overview of This Volunteer Management System 

EveryAction is a digital donor management and fundraising software that nonprofits can also use to also organize volunteers. Using EveryAction, you can create events to entice your service-driven supporters and recruit volunteers.

With EveryAction, you can cultivate relationships with volunteers and engage with them. Because EveryAction is connected to its own CRM, you have data to refer to when communicating with volunteers. This provides a personal interaction and helps volunteers find events that most interest their needs and preferences.

Key Volunteer Management Features

With EveryAction, volunteer recruitment leaders can:

  • Mobilize supporters with its onboarding process
  • Label and tag volunteers with criteria and characteristics to better search and segment them for communications
  • Create volunteer profiles with volunteer history, availability, and other metrics

Let’s explore Optimy’s volunteer management software solution.

Optimy – Volunteer Management Software

Overview of This Volunteer Management System

Optimy is a tool that can help corporations focus on their social responsibility programs, which often includes their volunteers. Corporate volunteering is a great way to engage employees and encourage them to help the missions they’re passionate about. It also paints the company in a positive light and allows it to create valuable partnerships with other mission-driven organizations.

If you’re a mission-driven company, having a volunteer management system is key to making the most of everyone’s time and giving back to your community.

Key Volunteer Management Features

Optimy provides the following features:

  • Employee volunteering platform
  • Automated communication tools
  • Task management tools to approve or decline hours

Read on to learn more about MobileServe’s volunteer management capabilities

MobileServe – Volunteer Management Software

Overview of This Volunteer Management System 

MobileServe is a volunteer management system that helps leaders focus on serving and furthering their mission. With MobileServe, organizations of all types and sizes can track, manage, and report on their social impact. 

Use MobileServe to share your volunteers’ accomplishments with your greater community. This can promote your volunteer programs and motivate volunteers to continue supporting and working with your organization.

Key Volunteer Management Feature

Here are some of MobileServe’s top volunteer management features:

  • Impact Tracker to help with accurate reporting and provide stats
  • Centralized dashboard with access to volunteer overview
  • Mobile app so that volunteers can check-in in real-time

A comprehensive volunteer management solution will only help your nonprofit recruit your most passionate supporters and set the foundation for long-lasting relationships. Ensure the platform you invest in meets all of your organization’s needs, whether it’s help with tracking hours, measuring impact, or providing valuable communications.

If you want to further your research on volunteer management and program best practices, we at Galaxy Digital have put together a couple of our other resources:

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