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Volunteer Centers

Volunteer Centers use Get Connected more than any other volunteer management software.

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Volunteer centers work as a central community hub to connect people with resources. They rely on the efforts of volunteers and community partners to grow their networks and affect change at the local level. Get Connected volunteer management software is the Volunteer Center’s tool to increase volunteer engagement, develop long-term relationships, and track volunteer involvement.

“Making the switch to Galaxy Digital was a wonderful decision. The system is easy to learn and use, the customer support is incredible- always quick to respond, friendly and super knowledgeable. I am able to teach my Agency Managers how to use it in about 10-15 minutes.”


Hope M. Tyler
The Volunteer Center of Greensboro

Volunteer Fox Cities
Hands On Twin Cities
Get Connected is the most cost-effective volunteer management solution for Animal Shelters.

Get Connected is the best volunteer management solution for Volunteer Centers.

  • Allows members of your community to browse existing needs and then register for service opportunities that align with their individual passions and skills.
  • Enable nonprofits to easily promote volunteer opportunities, in‐kind needs, and special events using a familiar social environment.
  • Generate reports on all volunteer data to capture information about community impact.
  • Provide a community calendar that displays events and needs.
  • Build a database of volunteers and provide tools that easily communicate and engage volunteers in a targeted way.

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