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Support Center

Looking for support? Here are some common questions with quick answers!

Where do I go to log in/find volunteer opportunities?

Your volunteer organization will have their own unique URL for their volunteer site. Not sure what it is? contact your organization or send an email to

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Help – I forgot my password!

    You can reset your password right from your site's homepage. Click Login > Reset Password. You'll get a recovery email with a new password.

    Don't see the recovery email? Be sure to check your email's spam folder!

    Don't know what your site homepage is? contact your organization or send an email to

  • I can’t find my volunteer site!

    Are you a volunteer? If so, try searching for your organization’s name on your favorite search engine (Google, Bing, etc). 

    Are you a Program or Agency Manager? If so, contact your organization to see who manages the volunteer program and see if they can help. 

    Are you a Site Manager? If so, send an email to

    None of these sound like you? Send an email to and we’ll point you in the right direction.

  • I am taking over responsibility for my volunteer site, what do I do now?

    First off, congratulations! We’re delighted to hear that you’re starting on your volunteer management journey. To get started, email We’ll want to know a few things about you, specifically: 

    1. Your name and email
    2. The organization that you’re representing 
    3. Your new role and responsibilities! Do you have the keys to the kingdom, or are you managing one part of your volunteer site? 

    We’ll respond with information on getting access to your site, appropriate training materials, and more helpful tips for getting started on the right foot!

  • Where can I get training for my volunteer site?

    We provide training based on the site you use. This may include online, self-paced training, guided in-software walkthroughs, or live webinars.

    To find the right training for you, please email us at

  • What kind of support do I get for my volunteer site?

    All users, from volunteers to managers, have access to a help center with lots of helpful how-to’s and best practices. You can find the Help Center by logging in and clicking the HELP button in the top-right corner of your site. 

    Volunteers get their support from their site managers (the folks who purchased and set up their volunteer site). 

    Galaxy Digital’s Customer Experience team offers support to site managers. As a site manager, your support package might include guided walkthroughs, email support, and live Q&A sessions. To find out more about the support available, check out your contract or email

  • Where can I share a product suggestion?

    Site managers can share a product suggestion by going to their help center. To access the Help Center, login to your site and click the HELP button in the top right corner of your screen. Once there, click the Forums button to get posting!

How do I get to my product's help center?

The easiest way to access your Help Center: 
1. Login to your site and then, 
2. Click the HELP button in the top right corner of your screen. 

The Help Center is a great way to find how-to’s, best practices, infographics, and more! We have info for everyone using your site, from manager to volunteer.

Know which software your organization uses? Here are direct links to our help centers: Shift | Amplify | Sustain | Center

Billing Questions?

For all questions about your contract, billing, or additional paid services please email
Submit a Support Ticket
Site managers can email us with questions at We’ll get back to you with further instructions, links to help center articles, short custom videos, and more–whatever tools we need to ensure that we’re answering your question! 
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