Volunteer Waiver Tracking

Ensure your organization is protected with integrated volunteer liability forms.

Whether your volunteers are operating machinery or working with children, it’s important to take the necessary steps to reduce risk and keep your community safe. Seamlessly integrate your electronic volunteer liability waiver into the volunteer signup process, so you’ll never miss a signature.

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More about Get Connected's volunteer waivers

  • Assign  liability waivers to any opportunity listing. 
  • Upload your volunteer waiver to your platform database, ready for future use. 
  • Require volunteer waiver forms for minors and limit opportunities to Connect users under 18 years old. 
  • Automatically save to each user’s profile. 
  • Restrict access to opportunities until waivers are signed.

Bonus volunteer liability features

  • Make it easy for users to sign documents on their computers or smartphones and start volunteering.
  • We’ve partnered with Verified Volunteers to simplify the volunteer background check process. 

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