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Get Connected is a robust student service software solution for higher education.

More than ever before, colleges and universities are engaging students and alumni in service opportunities. Whether universities have service learning requirements, host peer-mentoring programs, or coordinate with community nonprofits, they are turning to student volunteer management software to manage these initiatives.

“ We are able to now accurately measure the impact students, faculty, and staff are making in the community. It was always an estimate, and now it is an actual representation.”


Ben Wright
Bradley University

Belmont University
The University Of Illinois At Chicago
Get Connected is the most cost-effective volunteer management solution for Animal Shelters.

Get Connected is the ideal volunteer and service learning management software for Colleges & Universities.


  • Keep your students safe with eSign liability waivers.
  • SSO saves time by connecting directly to your student admissions database.
  • Enable your campus to easily promote service opportunities, organize campus initiatives like MLK Day, and track service learning programs.
  • Quickly see which students have  RSVPd to service events, community partner opportunities, and other campus functions. 

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