eSign Documents

Keep your community safe and improve document collection with Get Connected’s integrated e-Sign.

Get Connected offers secure electronic signature technology for volunteer liability waivers and other documents. Once signed, documents are automatically saved to the volunteer’s profile so information is both private and readily available. Best of all, we don’t charge per signature or volunteer waiver like other platforms!

eSign Documents
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  • Attach eSigned documents or volunteer waiver forms to any opportunity. 
  • Volunteer Coordinators have the option to require volunteers’ electronic signatures in order to access opportunities on your site. 
  • Guardian signature option available for minor waivers. 
  • Volunteers have quick access to their signed documents for future use.

Bonus eSign Features

  • Manage the user registration process effectively with Qualifications.
  • Enable volunteers to answer customizable questions, sign electronic waivers using Galaxy eSign, and upload documents to show that they are qualified for the work.

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