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An easy volunteer sign-up tool you can start using in less than 15 minutes.

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A comprehensive set of tools to help you manage every aspect of your program.

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An advanced system for multiple locations, programs, and coordinators.

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"Great product with above and beyond customer service and ongoing training."
"The team clearly understands the nature of volunteer engagement and it shows on the volunteer management end. I am looking forward to the level of organization this will bring our volunteer program."
"I’ve been very appreciative of their level of customer service, and their desire to build a partnership."

Find the Best Solution for Your Organization

Bring your volunteers, tools, and tasks together in minutes

Shift is for volunteer programs that need a simple, affordable, easy-to-start solution with a core set of basic volunteer management tools.
Is Get Connected Shift right for your organization?
  • My organization has a single full-time/part-time volunteer coordinator or does not have a dedicated volunteer leader. 
  • I need a volunteer sign-up tool that I can set-up and start using in a few minutes.
  • I only need a few basic features, like an opportunity calendar, volunteer shift sign-up, volunteer hours tracking, and the ability to email my volunteers. 
  • I don’t need more advanced features like management of multiple locations, volunteer waivers and qualifications, or a check-in kiosk. 
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Sustain is for growing programs that need a full set of essential volunteer management tools to help expand their engagement and impact.
Is Get Connected Sustain right for your organization?
  • My organization has at least 1-2 full-time volunteers leaders.
  • I need foundational volunteer management tools like an opportunity calendar, volunteer shift sign-up, volunteer hours tracking, and the ability to email my volunteers.
  • I need features like a volunteer check-in kiosk, collection of volunteer liability waivers, team sign-up tools, a customized registration process and the ability to text my volunteers.
  • I don’t need advanced functionality to manage multiple locations, delegate program management, group engagement, or different volunteer registration tracks.
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Amplify is designed for organizations that have multiple programs or locations being led by separate volunteer coordinators who want to centralize volunteer management practices, reporting, and communication under one tool.
Is Get Connected Amplify right for your organization?
  • My organization has multiple full or part-time volunteer leaders, serving in different capacities. 
  • My volunteer program has multiple locations, multiple independent programs, or both.
  • I need all of the volunteer management features offered in Shift and Sustain, but also have more advanced or unique requirements for my volunteer program.
  • I need to delegate program or location management authority to other volunteer coordinators.
  • I need to set up separate volunteer application and registration tracks for individual volunteer programs.
  • I need to be able to engage large groups of volunteers.  
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Solutions for Any Budget

Volunteer Management Software

Easy tools for volunteer programs that are just getting started or have basic management needs.

  • Volunteer Hours Log
  • Scheduling Calendar
  • Automated Emails


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A one-stop shop for managing every aspect of your volunteer program.

Includes a core set of essential features and workflows plus:

  • Check-In Kiosk
  • Custom Registration Forms
  • Volunteer Texting

Advanced volunteer management software for large programs with multiple locations and coordinators.

Includes everything in Sustain, plus:

  • Delegated Program and Location Management
  • Multi-Track Registration Paths
  • Volunteer Qualifications

Pricing is based on a custom software configuration for your organization and includes a monthly software fee (billed annually), as well as set up fees.

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