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Volunteer Calendar

The Get Connected volunteer calendar is a simple and convenient way for your volunteers to browse and sign-up for opportunities by day and month.

With Get Connected, users can manage their volunteer schedules with ease. Located within the volunteer profile, volunteers can browse their responses in a clean, interactive calendar format. Each volunteer calendar listing highlights need-to-know information, so volunteers are always prepared for their shift.

See how Get Connected can help you and your volunteers with scheduling, fundraising, paperless waivers, and more.

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Additional features of the volunteer sign up calendar

Volunteer Calendar tool in Volunteer Management Software Get Connected

Fast, easy-to-use volunteer scheduling

  • Volunteers can add hours for approval and edit responses from their opportunity response list.
  • Filter responses for speedy searching.
  • Calendar sign up links lead to opportunity pages.
  • Volunteers can quickly access opportunity descriptions and additional details.

Bonus volunteer calendar management capabilities

  • Volunteers are able to save responses to Google Calendar and sync it to their mobile device. 
  • Automated reminders ensure volunteers never miss an opportunity. 

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