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Corporate Volunteerism

Get Connected for businesses. Grow and manage employee volunteerism, achieve higher levels of community engagement, and track and share impact.

In recent years, business success is increasingly linked with corporate social responsibility. Businesses are teaming up with the nonprofit sector more than ever before, and they are proving to be a powerful ally to nonprofits; two out of three large North American corporations view philanthropy as vital to their business goals. Businesses are turning to employee volunteer management software to manage, track, and promote your mpact story.

“Our workforce is very diverse so we needed software that could engage everyone well, regardless of age or tech savviness. Corporate Connect had the sort of simplicity, user-friendliness, and mobile capabilities we were looking for. In addition, the built-in automations for admins, such as the live feed of local volunteer opportunities and the exceptional reporting, truly save us time. I honestly feel like Corporate Connect is almost running itself.”

Jocelyn Berkhahn
Communications Specialist
Georgia Pacific

Get Connected is the ideal volunteer management and employee engagement software for Corporations.

  • Deliver simple tools for promoting your company’s favorite community causes and nonprofits.
  • A visual public-facing dashboard enables your company to communicate impact and promote chosen causes and nonprofits.
  • A unique vanity domain allows your Marketing team to stay on brand.
  • Single Sign-On options available.

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