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Get Connected is the right volunteer management software for food banks.

Food banks are an essential community resource center where individuals and families can find assistance meeting their basic needs. Many food banks rely on the efforts of volunteers to keep operations running. Whether you need to schedule volunteers in shifts, or manage them as they sort food donations, Get Connected offers the perfect volunteer management tool for food banks.

“We are really loving your support team – they are always helpful and great at finding solutions where there are some, or offering some great tools and resources.”


Stacy Oliver​​
Community Foodbank of Southern Arizona​

Get Connected is the volunteer management software for engaging and scheduling food bank volunteers.

  • Check-in volunteers on site or in the field with the free Volunteer Get Connected app.
  • Nurture and maintain corporate partnerships with built-in communication tools, private join links, and real-time tracking of employee responses.
  • Coordinate groups or teams with our advanced management  tools. Assign the right number of volunteers to each opportunity or event.
  • Generate powerful infographic reports to illustrate volunteer impact with your community, Executive Director, or Board.
  • Keep your volunteer’s information secure in our centralized, cloud-based platform.

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