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It’s easy for volunteers to check in, report hours, and visualize their impact with the Get Connected mobile volunteer app.

Get Connected includes a free mobile volunteer app that is available for download from Apple and Android app stores. The app utilizes the geo-location services on a volunteer’s smartphone to remind them to check-in and out of their volunteering activities, capturing hours and supporting your efforts to capture and report every volunteer hour.

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Capabilities of the Volunteer GetConnected Mobile Volunteer App

  • Offers Next Level Communication, enabling Admins to Send push notifications in order to direct volunteer efforts in the field.
  • Capture Every Volunteer Hour with automated reminders that appear when a volunteer arrives at their volunteering destination. Provides volunteers with the fastest and easiest way to check in and out and enables volunteer coordinators to capture volunteer hours more effectively than ever. 
  • Every volunteer gets a personalized volunteer dashboard, designed specifically to show impact and provide a list of new opportunities to serve, recommended based on the individual’s favorite interests and past activities.  

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