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Volunteer App

Track volunteer hours, check in to activities, and report volunteer impact with the Get Connected mobile volunteer app.

Get Connected offers a free mobile volunteer app, available for download from Apple and Android app stores.

The volunteer tracking app utilizes the geolocation services on a volunteer’s smartphone to remind them to check in and out of their volunteering activities. The app will automatically track volunteer hours, supporting more accurate impact reporting.

See how Get Connected can help you and your volunteers with scheduling, fundraising, paperless waivers, and more.

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A free mobile app for your volunteers

For Volunteer Managers

Track Volunteer Hours

The Get Connected web-based volunteer management system offers easy sign up, and now you can simplify volunteer hours tracking with the included mobile volunteer app. Everything your volunteers need to track their activities and view their impact is in their hands!

Volunteer Management & Organization

Keep volunteers informed and direct field efforts in real time. The volunteer app offers next level communication tools, enabling volunteer organizations to send push notifications and simplifying volunteer coordination. When a participant checks in, they’re added to your attendance list, so it’s smooth sailing on the day of your big event.

Every volunteer gets a personalized dashboard within the volunteer app, designed to show impact and display their most common service activities based on hours served. The app creates a volunteer hours log, automatically attributing hours to their user profile. You’ll significantly reduce time spent manually logging activities on behalf of individual volunteers.

Support your volunteer management needs and empower your volunteers with this engaging, easy-to-use volunteer tracking app.

For Volunteers

Volunteer Sign Up & Check in

Capture every hour with automated reminders that appear when a volunteer arrives at their activity destination. The Get Connected volunteer app provides your supporters with the fastest and easiest way to check in and out of volunteer activities and events. You’ll save hours of administrative time and support your reporting efforts with the Get Connected volunteer app.

Volunteer Scheduling & Calendar

With volunteer scheduling reminders and an integrated volunteer calendar, volunteers are less likely to miss opportunities. You’ll have all the helping hands you need! What’s more, you won’t have to remind your volunteers to log their hours.

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