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Volunteer Profile

Keep volunteers empowered and engaged with the comprehensive Volunteer Profile by Get Connected.

Get Connected offers a personalized volunteer experience. The profile page is the volunteer’s portal for all personal preferences, reporting, and general volunteering information. Within their profile, users can keep track of their volunteer impact over time, manage the causes they support, and select interests to receive matched recommendations.

See how Get Connected can help you and your volunteers with scheduling, fundraising, paperless waivers, and more.

Learn about Volunteer Profiles

Volunteer profiles
  • Compelling infographics display hours, impact value, and opportunity responses. 
  • Denote skills and interests so Volunteer Coordinators can find the right volunteer for the job. 
  • “Fan” favorite agencies to receive new opportunity notifications. 
  • Keep uploaded documents, like waivers or pictures, on file for future use.

Bonus capabilities for volunteers

  • Each volunteer can download their personal Volunteer Resume to view and share their impact with employers, teachers, and community members. 
  • Volunteers can collect Badges and display on their profiles, based on their accomplishments in service.

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