Disaster Management Software

Affordable, mobile-friendly disaster management software for preparation, response, recovery, and seamless volunteer communication through all phases of disaster.

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Disaster Preparation

Disaster preparedness is the most essential part of any successful disaster response effort. Our ReDI system (Readiness Disaster Intelligence) helps organizations prepare long before a disaster strikes so they can coordinate the most impactful response. ReDI helps you organize CERT teams and register skilled disaster response volunteers year-round. Your organization can automatically catalogue volunteer training records; assign volunteer roles based on licenses, credentials, or skills; and engage volunteers in training and exercise opportunities. Following a disaster, your community needs a tool it can rely on. Get ReDI for disaster preparedness.

Disaster Response and Communication

In the immediate aftermath of disaster, it is important to have an organized and efficient response effort. ReDI, our disaster management and emergency response software, helps you post and promote disaster response volunteer opportunities after a disaster strikes. Mobilize your volunteers through automated opportunity matching, text messages, and emails, and send them push notifications containing post-disaster reminders. Our mobile volunteer tracking app helps you generate a real-time volunteer headcount and capture disaster volunteer hours via geolocation and mobile check-in. Easily export this information for FEMA or other disaster reimbursements. Get ReDI for disaster response. 

Disaster Recovery and Reporting

Disaster recovery is the final stage of disaster management; this phase can last for months or even years. ReDI can help your organization keep track of essential information and data during the recovery phase. Use our built-in validation system to verify disaster volunteer hours and measure impact in real-time. Your organization can easily export this volunteer data for financial reporting, grants, and FEMA reimbursements. Automatically generate individual or group impact information and present it in the Volunteer Resume. Get ReDI for disaster recovery.

Discover why thousands of organizations trust Get Connected.

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