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All Get Connected Features​

Everything you need in a volunteer management software platform.

Volunteer Reporting

Volunteer Hours Reporting

Not sure how to keep track of volunteer hours? Our …

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Exportable Reports

Secure funding and engage your community with Get Connected’s robust, …

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Volunteer Impact

How is your organization creating positive change in your community? …

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Volunteer Communication

Automated notifications prompt volunteers to check in to service opportunities in the Get Connected volunteer app

Volunteer Get Connected App

Get Connected offers a free mobile volunteer app, available for …

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Email Messaging

Connect with all or a few of your volunteers at …

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Automated Notifications

Welcome a new user, share a follow-up survey, or prompt …

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Social Media Integration

Our integrations make social media strategy for nonprofits simple and …

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Text Messaging

Reach every volunteer directly by phone with Get Connected’s automated …

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Volunteer Engagement

Volunteering Resume

Empower volunteers with the attractive, downloadable Volunteer Resume. Composed of …

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Volunteer Profile

Get Connected offers a personalized volunteer experience. The profile page …

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Volunteer Badges

Show appreciation to volunteers for their commitment to your cause. …

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Volunteer Calendar

With Get Connected, users can manage their volunteer schedules with …

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Opportunity Promotion

Get Connected was built to better promote your volunteer opportunities. …

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Event Landing Pages

Whether it’s a weekend fundraising event or a volunteer appreciation …

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Group Volunteer Engagement

Generate excitement and encourage repeat volunteerism with a branded group …

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Volunteer Check-In

The Check-in Kiosk works online, with any device, anywhere. Smart …

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Volunteer Management

Online Donations

Your volunteer database is a fantastic pool of potential donors; …

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Volunteer Liability Waivers

Whether your volunteers are operating machinery or working with children, …

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eSign Documents

Get Connected offers secure electronic signature technology for volunteer liability …

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Skills Based Volunteerism

Skills-based volunteering is when nonprofits leverage the specialized skills and …

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Event Management

Get Connected event pages stand out from other volunteer opportunities; …

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Volunteer Scheduling

We understand that organizations need a robust, intuitive volunteer scheduling …

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Engage Teen Volunteers with Your Nonprofit

Service Learning Management

Provide your campus with a powerful, mobile-friendly, web-based service learning …

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Get Connected offers the best way to track volunteer hours online.

Track Volunteer Hours

Keeping Track of Volunteer Hours Wondering how to keep track …

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