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A web-based, mobile-friendly solution that will enable your campus to pair students, faculty, and staff with meaningful, local service opportunities.

When bundled with our Service Learning Module, Campus Connect makes it easy for School Admins to create, manage, track impact, and report on student service learning courses and programs.


Campus Connect is the best way to connect your campus with local service opportunities, track impact, and grow a service learning program. In addition, Campus Connect helps schools to…

Save Time & Money

  • Reduce staff time needed to identify & communicate service opportunities
  • Automatically place individuals with opportunities to serve

Increase The Impact On Your Community

  • Build stronger engagement with your community partners
  • Have the ability to support more nonprofits than ever before
  • Develop a larger base of civic-minded individuals

Create Future Philanthropists

  • 67% of volunteers donate
  • Donations from volunteers are 2.5 x those of non-volunteers
Campus Engagement Software


  • A mobile-friendly experience designed to drive volunteer and service learning engagement.
  • Easy to Set-Up & Manage Service Learning Courses.
  • Allows Students to register for Service Opportunities online.
  • Messaging to/from students, faculty, community partners and admins.
  • Ability for Students to log service hours and related expenses.
  • Real-time Tracking & Reporting of all Courses, Students, and Hours.
  • Students can add and save reflections related to service experiences.


Upgrades and Extensions for our core software products

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“The Service-learning module has improved our ability to communicate with students, faculty and the community. This site makes it easier for all involved to understand expectations as well as desired outcomes. “
Bryan Hall
“Get Connected has allowed our University to become more engaged with our students, community partners, faculty, and staff. The site is user friendly and super easy for Community Partners to instantly connect with our campus community.”
Randy Phipps
“The Service-Learning Module has been especially helpful to us in designing and setting up easily accessible projects for our students.”
Todd Marrow
“Get Connected, especially the service-learning module, has been helpful in streamlining the process of getting students, faculty, and staff involved in our city’s community. We appreciate and the support and care that we have received from Galaxy Digital for their product!”
Jill Smith
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