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Web‐based, mobile‐friendly software that will enable your corporation to grow and manage company volunteerism, achieve higher levels of community engagement, and track and share impact.


CORPORATE CONNECT reflects your company’s branding and makes it simple for employees to discover and act upon approved volunteer opportunities, events, and in-kind needs. In addition, Corporate Connect helps companies…


  • Eliminates the need for the Company Volunteer Coordinator/s to find and share qualified volunteer opportunities with employees.
  • Delivers simple tools for promoting the company’s favorite community causes and nonprofits within the company.
  • Allows the company to easily generate and share accurate, graphical reporting on corporate engagement and local impact.


  • A highly visual public-facing dashboard enables your company to communicate impact and promote chosen causes and nonprofits.
  • Corporate Connect’s reporting and messaging helps express the company’s commitment to service in the local community.
  • Company employees who are engaged in local service reflect positively on the corporate image.


Company volunteer initiatives have been shown to…

  • Increase levels of employee productivity and satisfaction in the workplace.
  • Aid significantly in attracting new talent to your workforce.
  • Increase employee retention rates.
Corporate Volunteer Management Software


  • Corporation can add needs, events, and opportunities of their own.
  • The Corporate Connect “suggestion engine” makes service recommendations to individual employees based on their interests and passions.
  • A public landing page, branded for your corporation, which communicates the company’s local impact to the Community.
  • Corporate Summary Page and Corporate Resume for internal viewing / sharing which track & communicate the company’s community engagement.
  • Advanced filtering & reporting tools enable the company to easily promote favorite opportunity types / causes and carefully track community impact.
  • Admin of Corporate Connect can run and export detailed, info-graphic style reports.
  • Corporate employees can view/share their own Volunteer Resume.


Upgrades and Extensions for our core software products

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The greatest benefit of Galaxy Digital is their Customer Care, which is there for you every step of the way with a quick response time of answered questions […], and usually with a personalized video with the answer, which is AWESOME! I would give them a five-star rating.

Karen Gibbs, Wayne Savings Community Bank
“Get Connected has allowed our University to become more engaged with our students, community partners, faculty, and staff. The site is user friendly and super easy for Community Partners to instantly connect with our campus community.”
Randy Phipps
“Get Connected, especially the service-learning module, has been helpful in streamlining the process of getting students, faculty, and staff involved in our city’s community. We appreciate and the support and care that we have received from Galaxy Digital for their product!”
Jill Smith

“Our workforce is very diverse so we needed software that could engage everyone well, regardless of age or tech savviness. Corporate Connect had the sort of simplicity, user-friendliness, and mobile capabilities we were looking for. In addition, the built-in automations for admins, such as the live feed of local volunteer opportunities and the exceptional reporting, truly save us time. I honestly feel like Corporate Connect is almost running itself.”

Jocelyn Berkhahn, Georgia Pacific
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