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Disaster Response Module

Emergency Management Software that your community can count on when they need it most
The Disaster Response Module is an add-on for Galaxy’s Connect software that helps disaster management teams reliably process, place, and track spontaneous or unaffiliated volunteers during a time of emergency.

How it Works

Give your emergency response team a mobile friendly software solution that will make your disaster-related efforts more efficient and better coordinated.

Reach out to your agencies and volunteers who are active in, or have expressed an interest in, disaster response.
Agency managers and admins can share their specific needs for disaster-related response. Volunteers can view and respond to public disaster-response needs.
Easily review and approve disaster-response projects once they have been created.
Collect and store disaster-profile information that volunteers provide, including special skills, blood type, willingness to travel, training, and other data. Use this information to match volunteers with disaster needs.
Keep the module deactivated until it’s needed. Even while it’s deactivated, volunteers can still create and edit their disaster profiles.
Disaster-related needs can be posted, and volunteers can respond, as the needs arise during the course of a disaster.

Created With Emergency Response Experts

The Disaster Response Module was developed in collaboration with coastal United Way offices, as well as a state level commission tasked with disaster relief support.

  • An on‐demand “Digital Command Center” appears in your Connect Admin Panel with the click of a button
  • Channels the sign‐up of volunteers and agencies during disasters
  • Helps to control the flow of Spontaneous Unaffiliated Volunteers (SUV’s)
  • Supports/assists the role of your Volunteer Reception Centers
  • Established volunteers can fill out disaster response profiles in advance
  • Enables your organization to find and match volunteers with specific needs based on particular skills they offer
  • Simplifies the tracking and reporting of all need, volunteer, and agency‐ related activity during a disaster
  • Helps keep people on the ground well informed with built‐in communication tools, including text messages sent to volunteers and agencies straight from your Command Center

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Bryan Hall
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