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Converts Campus Connect into a Community Engagement Toolkit.

Adding the Service Learning Module to Campus Connect provides colleges, universities, and schools with a powerful web‐based community engagement toolkit. The Service Learning Module makes it easy for school admins to create, manage, track impact, and report on student service learning courses and programs.

How it Works

Our Service Learning Module delivers an online solution that saves educators and service learning program directors time by efficiently communicating volunteer opportunities to the entire campus.

Add courses and invite students. Campus Connect automatically pairs students with service opportunities that are best suited for their passions and interests.
Campus Connect makes it easy for students to register for service learning opportunities using any web-enabled device.
Campus Connect offers fast and simple ways for students to log volunteer service hours and related expenses.
Students have the ability to add their reflections on individual service experiences via their Campus Connect profile area.
All data related to courses, students, hours, and more is tracked in real-time and made available for reporting.
Campus Connect provides hard data and built-in sharing tools that enable school administrators to easily communicate the impact their program is having on the community.
Service Learning Management Software

Benefits for Colleges and Universities

Successful service learning programs that engage students in meaningful volunteer service opportunities have been shown to provide a variety of benefits to students and schools, as well as the communities they wish to impact. Community engagement initiatives help schools:

  • Raise funding (secure grants, endowments, donations…etc.)
  • Earn schools classifications for community engagement (i.e. Carnegie Foundation classification)
  • Build the reputation of the school and program
  • Increase qualifications and employability of students
  • Encourage students to be more civic minded

Get Better Program Data with our Service Learning Software

Campus Connect and the Service Learning Module work together to offer program administrators one centralized place from which to store and collect their data. This creates efficiency and maximizes impact in multiple ways:

  • Faculty and staff do not have to gather data from different sources.
  • Administrators and instructors can use detailed data collected by Campus Connect to accurately report the accomplishments of each service learning course or program.
  • Tracking provides hard numbers on student involvement, including types of community service and hours served. The collected data reveals how a school’s service learning program has impacted the community and the student population.
  • Faculty and program directors can tap into community needs better. Discover organizations and partners that are doing great work in the community.

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“The Service-learning module has improved our ability to communicate with students, faculty and the community. This site makes it easier for all involved to understand expectations as well as desired outcomes. “
Bryan Hall
“Get Connected has allowed our University to become more engaged with our students, community partners, faculty, and staff. The site is user friendly and super easy for Community Partners to instantly connect with our campus community.”
Randy Phipps
“The Service-Learning Module has been especially helpful to us in designing and setting up easily accessible projects for our students.”
Todd Marrow
“Get Connected, especially the service-learning module, has been helpful in streamlining the process of getting students, faculty, and staff involved in our city’s community. We appreciate and the support and care that we have received from Galaxy Digital for their product!”
Jill Smith
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