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Get Connected

Volunteer Management for Volunteer Centers
Made Easy

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A astronaut.

1. Easy

A modern, simple experience
for you and your volunteers

Playing off the best practices of social sharing makes it easy
for your volunteers to select the program opportunities that they care about.

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Your volunteers experience a familiar environment that is easy to explore.

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View of a user profile.

2. Engage

Engage corporate volunteers
like never before

Use our tools to easily coordinate and manage your volunteers.
Choose the right opportunity for your teams.
Select it, share it, schedule it.

View of an opportunites list.
View of an opportunites list on a mobile device.

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Give companies the tools they need

Private link for employers to share needs.

Built in communication tools for company managers.

Real time tracking of employee responses.

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3. Reporting

Real-time reporting by your volunteers

Reports at the click of a button in a powerful infographic design.

Automatically share your growing volunteer story with your community.

Do this…

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View of data charts.
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Don’t do this…

Arrow pointing left and down.

…or this

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View of a data export.

Check-in feature on a mobile device.

4. Mobile-Friendly

Coordinate volunteers in the moment
– on any device –
at your site or in the field

60% of internet users surf the web on their phone.

If you aren’t engaging them with mobile-friendly software,
you are missing them.

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