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Service Level Agreement

Get Connected by Galaxy Digital


Galaxy Digital’s Customer Experience Team is active and available via email Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time, with the exception of national holidays. Holiday hours are announced as applicable in your site’s alerts area and on our social media accounts. 


Galaxy has created a full library of articles and videos that cover most of the standard questions and many of the advanced ones our client’s encounter. This Help Center library is accessible online at any time. If you have a question about your Galaxy software, always check the Help Center for the quickest path to a solution:


Submit a support request by emailing our Customer Experience Team at or by leaving a voicemail at (828) 575-5300 extension 2. In either case (voicemail or email), an email “ticket” will be created and sent to you via email. As we run an outbound support model that does not offer a direct phone line, email is always the first and fastest step in resolving a request.

If your request covers several different issues, we may create different tickets to track each issue. In limited cases we may deem an issue an emergency or complex enough to require a phone conversation. If so, we will email you to schedule a call. If you request a phone call, we may ask that you provide a tentative agenda first so we can schedule the agent who is most qualified to take the call. Calls are typically scheduled 3-6 days out from a request. 


When submitting a support ticket, please include the following information to receive the fastest resolution:

  • Your company/organization name
  • A description of the problem or question
  • The web address for any pertinent pages you are viewing
  • The names and email addresses of any users involved
  • The names of any agencies/programs/nonprofits involved



Launch/Onboarding: You will receive an email to schedule your initial onboarding call from someone on our Customer Experience Team. The purpose of this call is to discuss your program, outline specific goals, and go over  the steps needed to meet your target date to go live with your site. You will then receive a follow-up email that reviews what was discussed and provides links for training and other resources moving forward. Your Customer Experience Specialist will then check in via email throughout your preparations for launch.

Training: Each product has a specific training regimen. The site managers’ training plan will be outlined on your first onboarding call, and will include site management training, site setup training, and resources to help you provide program/agency manager training. If agencies will be posting on your site, they can access free weekly recurring trainings geared to their unique roles. If you have program managers, there are resources provided to help you onboard them to your new platform.  As we release new features, trainings will be available free of charge to all site managers, either in a live-webinar format or in a curated learning management system. 

Customer Experience Team: This Galaxy Digital team is responsible for Customer Onboarding, Training, Support, Customer Communication, and Success. Each member is an expert in a different area of process or software. 

Ticket: A ticket is created when a question or support request is submitted to the Galaxy Customer Experience Team by email or phone. We track and manage tickets through Freshdesk, our third-party ticketing software. If a ticket has not received a response/update from you, you may receive an automatic email prompting you for a response, or our system may automatically solve the ticket. 

Response Time: This is the amount of time it takes a Customer Experience Team member to respond to a newly submitted ticket. You will receive a first reply to your request within four business hours of submission.

Outbound Support Model:  A customer-service model where email is always the first step to receiving assistance. There is no direct phone line, although you can leave a voicemail. The fastest way to get assistance is to email This model has many benefits including fast, quality assistance by the agents who are most qualified to meet your needs. Phone calls can be scheduled upon request and submission of an agenda, as requested.

Server Uptime: Galaxy Digital will use reasonable efforts to make the site and data consistently available with a Monthly Uptime Percentage of at least 99.9%.

Tools: The Customer Experience Team may use any of the following tools to assist you:

  • Written instructions
  • Links to articles in the Help Center
  • A quick, one-time custom video
  • Production-quality instruction from our library of videos
  • Links to available trainings


Vulnerability: A vulnerability is a weakness that could potentially offer exposure of the server operating system or application code to someone who might gain access to and exploit that user data. Our Customer Experience and Development Teams assess any vulnerabilities and categorize them as Critical, High, Medium, and Low based on our professional judgement

Resolution of vulnerabilities:

  • Critical - we will patch these immediately.
  • High - we will issue a patch within 24 hours.
  • Medium - we will issue a patch within 48 hours.
  • Low - we will issue a patch within one week.


Data Backups: To keep potential data loss to a minimum, all client data is backed up daily and kept for 6 months. Backup restores are tested every month.

Corporate Headquarters: We are located in Asheville, North Carolina. For questions regarding accounting or business development please call 828-575-5300. 


Data Imports: Your contract includes free initial imports of standard user profile data, agency profile data, data for current and future volunteers needs (except for needs that have multiple specific shifts), and total sum hours per user. We will provide you with the applicable import templates, which you should complete and email to us at

Your contract does not include free imports of the following:

  • details of user hours
  • user responses 
  • user profile-data imports with more than three custom columns. 
  • historical needs


The cost for these types of imports is $75 per hour with a $200 minimum charge for all data imports. Our data specialist will review your data and give you an estimate of how much time a requested custom import will require. 

If your site requires regularly occurring imports of users, individual hours, or user groups, there is a $100.00 fee which includes access to a self-service import tool and the training you’ll need to complete your specific imports. 

Custom Reports: Should our standard reports not provide the information you need, or in a format you require, a custom report can be built. Custom reports can display any of the data points that you collect within the software. Custom reports cost $75/hour, and the complexity of the report will dictate the final cost.


Once a cancellation request is submitted in writing and is deemed to be within the terms of your contract, a Galaxy Digital representative will notify you of your site-termination date by email. Your site will no longer be accessible after this date. Should you require data or access to the site after this date, the following costs will be incurred: 

  • $75 fee for reactivation. Once we receive this payment, you will be able to access the site for five days. 
  • $135 fee for reactivation plus one hour of data retrieval work by our team.
  • $87/hour will be charged for each additional hour of data retrieval work required.

Have questions? Need help? email us at