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Press Home April 2022

April 2022

Most Common Reports Section

Now renamed “Recommended Reports”, this area has been updated to include more helpful reports we want to spotlight for our admins.

Never fear! Reports previously listed here have been moved to their respective report topic sections:

Moved to Agencies/Programs Section:

  • Agency/Program Activity 
  • Agency/Program Summary 

Moved to Needs/Opportunities Section:

  • Needs/Opportunities Added 
  • Needs/Opportunity Summary 
  • Details of Individual Hours 
  • Volunteer Hours Logged 

Moved to Users Section:

  • Top 50 User Group Prospects 


Hours by User Group Report Updates

In the past, this report shows only hour records that have been directly associated with a selected user group. If the hour record was not assigned to the user group, it would not show in this report.

To address this, we have added a toggle to allow for more flexibility with this report. The toggle enables admins to link all user’s submitted hours towards all of their respective user groups they are in, regardless if they are a user group when logging the hour entry.



Condensed and Improved Reports

We found that there were a handful of reports that would benefit from being merged together. This is meant to group similar data points together for a fuller overview and better, overall reporting. This update effected the following reports:

Needs Added by Interest, Responses Submitted by Interest, Hours Submitted by Interest

  • Condensed to create the Site Activity By Interest found under the “Site Activity Summaries” subsection.

Users Joined By Weekday, Needs Added by Weekday

  • Condensed to create the Site Activity by Weekday found under the “Site Activity Summaries” subsection.

Users Joined by Week, Needs Added by Week

  • Condensed to create the Site Activity By Week found under the “Site Activity Summaries” subsection.

Report Removals

In order to keep our Reports page updated and streamlined, as well as to make space for new reports to be added in the future, we have removed a couple reports with repetitive data that is found in other, more utilized reports. We hope this allows for admins to find better modes of viewing actionable data.

Top 50 Visitors

  • Instead, we would recommend using a report like the “Top 50 Volunteers” or a Site Activity report (both found in the Site Manager Panel > Reports tab).