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January 2022

Required registration questions and Qualifications can be strictly enforced

This new setting for “Enforce required registration questions and qualifications upon registration and log-in”, found in your Volunteerism > User Registration area, requires a user to fill out all required standard registration questions, custom registration questions, and qualifications before they can fully access the site.

This setting applies to questions that are required within the user profile and/or at registration. If this setting is on, a check will be performed for missing required questions/qualifications after a user completes initial registration, as well as every time they log onto the site. If an existing user has not completed any of the required standard, custom, or qualification profile questions,  they will be walked through each of the missing steps until they have completed all required steps each time they log into the site. 

Users will now be required to fill out each registration step when creating a new account, independent of the new setting. New users will not be able to visit other pages on the site until they have finished the registration process.