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Press Home January 2023

January 2023

New reports

We know reporting is key to your mission! Plus we heard these new reports might make your reporting goals a bit more achievable ;) 


Volunteer Attendance Report

Want to keep accurate attendance for volunteers that submitted hours? This report can help with that and is great for assessing how well your scheduling needs are being met! 


Custom Registration Questions Metrics

Want a better way to track those awesome custom registration questions you took the time to create for your users? Then this is your report!  You can see a snapshot of that information or a more detailed view! 


Qualification Status Review

Want to keep track of qualification statuses and more? This report lets you review details about the qualifications that have been submitted to your site. 


Opportunity/Need Metrics

Need to see how your Programs and their Opportunities are doing? You can see how many volunteer slots are available and how many are filled, how many views your Opportunities have received, etc. 


User Group Member Metrics

Do you want to see what your User Groups are up to? This report is great for reviewing how active your User Groups are and for highlighting their awesome contributions! 


Updates to reports


Playing favorites

Do you find yourself wishing you could favorite the reports you love most so they’d appear at the top of your page? Well…now you can! Goodbye digging through reports and hello favorite stars! 


Seek and find

We heard you wished for an easier way to find reports—so, we added a search feature! Plug in the name of the report you want and get the reporting needs you’re after! 

  • Bonus! We included a Quick Stats bar so you can review those figures before diving into the details. 


New look

Things might look a little different around here, but we think you’re going to love the updates! We have updated the look of the reports page, including Data Explorer reports so you can quickly find the data you need! 

Adding Shifts to Your Calendars

You wanted more calendar options for volunteer shift opportunities—we got you! Now you and your volunteers can create calendar events for opportunities with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, and Apple Calendar when responding to an opportunity on your site!

P.s. Thanks to the 10+ admins who posted this suggestion in the forum so we could implement it—you rock! 


Text Message Opt-In

We heard you wanted an easier and faster way to validate mobile numbers and opt-in for text messaging on your site—and, we listened! We’ve changed the text-message opt-in and validate feature. Now, new users are prompted to opt in when adding their mobile phone number to the registration form, while current users can opt in from their profile page. 

After they enter their number and check the box beside Send me texts from this site, they receive a text that says “Thanks for signing up for the text notifications from [name of site]. Reply YES to confirm that you want to receive texts from us.” They must reply YES to validate their number and start receiving your texts. (Goodbye extra step with a validation code!) 


Click here if you’d like to purchase texting credits for your site! 


App Updates

We’ve fixed several known bugs with the app and made some updates to help you and your volunteers get the most out of this feature! 


Fixed Bugs

  • Don’t have any response questions? No problem! If no response questions are present, then the Response Questions section isn’t available.
  • The screen now automatically updates when a user makes a change in the Search area—so long manual refresh!
  • We removed the “00000” on needs cards for virtual needs.
  • Users can now see the correct list of user groups when adding hours or checking in!


Notification Update

We are always trying to make notifications easier for you and your volunteers! We updated the language in two notifications: Invitation to Join a Team and Invitation to Join a Site and Team. These changes will make it easier for your volunteers to join the Team and start volunteering. Although we have updated the language in the notification, you can always go in and edit them however you want. 

To make sure that you are using the most up-to-date version of these notifications, go to your Notifications page and click the thumbs up icon to update your notification. If you don’t see a thumbs up, that means your notification is already up to date!