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Next level Communication

Send Push Notifications to direct
volunteer efforts in the field.

Check-in volunteers.  Anywhere, anytime.

Check-in volunteers on site or in the field from any internet-connected device.

Give corporate partners
the tools they need.

Nurture and maintain corporate partnerships with built-in communication tools, private join links, and real-time tracking of employee responses.

Track volunteerism
in real-time.

Generate powerful infographic reports to illustrate volunteer impact with your community

With better management tools and superior engagement,
Get Connected is strengthening communities worldwide.

Our Clients
-Kristen Lewis,United Way of Southeastern Michigan

As we continue to engage our corporate partners, we’re seeing an uptick of individual volunteers from these corporate groups that are coming back and signing up for opportunities on their own time, and sometimes with their families.

Our Clients
-Lucy Schaich,Volunteer Bloomington

We use Get Connected to manage a community hub of volunteering. The ease of use for administrator, manager, and volunteer has been the biggest plus for us. No more training sessions with exasperated organization staff. My troubleshooting to-do list has practically disappeared!

Our Clients
-Shelly Hornbaker,United Way of Douglas County

As a nontechnical person administering our volunteer website, the structure of Get Connected is very user friendly. Also, the customer service is phenomenal for someone who doesn't speak "techno talk"

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