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Galaxy Digital Announces Partership with OneEach Technologies

We’re thrilled for our clients to know about a project that has been in the works for over a year now: Galaxy Digital has entered a strategic partnership with OneEach Technologies!

We think this partnership will enable our clients to better share their message, drive engagement, and track and manage important relationships in their communities.

Who is OneEach?

OneEach is one of the world’s leading digital service providers for nonprofit organizations. They create websites and mobile apps for some of the largest nonprofits and volunteer centers in the country. Learn more about OneEach by checking out their website.

What does the integration do?

Starting in June 2017, OneEach’s website and mobile apps can be integrated with Galaxy Digital’s Connect Products (Get Connected, Community Connect, Corporate Connect, and Campus Connect).
This means that if you’re tired of your nonprofit’s website, it’s the perfect time to switch to a better design. After all, OneEach’s websites are fully compatible with your Connect product!

If our clients opt to upgrade to a OneEach site, they will be able to easily and seamlessly manage their websites and Connect platforms with a single login.

The integration will pull Connect platform opportunities and content directly into a OneEach website, combining volunteer management with public engagement. Together, Galaxy Digital and OneEach Technologies will offer you a way to centralize and quantify your nonprofit’s outreach, which can accelerate decision-making and drive success.

What do the CEOs have to say?

Doss Church, CEO of Galaxy Digital, said, “I’m tremendously excited about Galaxy’s partnership and integration with OneEach Technologies. It was evident from our first conversations together that our two companies shared the same heart for helping our customers succeed through simple, user-friendly software and exceptional customer service. I am proud to be partnering with OneEach, and know that the integration between our two platforms is just the beginning of many benefits we will offer to our mutual customers in the future.”

Tony Fineman, CEO of OneEach Technologies, said “The new partnership between Galaxy and OneEach offers benefits for every nonprofit with a website and a volunteer base to manage. It will save time for our mutual admins, allow them to capture and centralize key relationship data, and will vastly improve our customer’s ability to reach and engage their communities through a shared CRM and brand new mobile app. Most importantly, our combined passion will offer even more support to
nonprofits worldwide.”

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